Diono Radian RXT Review + Car Seat Safety Tips

Disclosure: I received a Diono Radian RXT for review purposes. This article also contains affiliate links. We will receive a small commission if you choose to purchase through these links. We hope you find this Diono Radian RXT review helpful. Please comment below if you have any questions about this car seat. My 3 year… [read more]

What No One Tells You About Baby Gear Must-Haves

First time parents have it hard when it comes to baby gear. We are fortunate to have so many choices when it comes to what to purchase for our wee little ones. Unfortunately, with the abundance of choice also comes a great deal of confusion for first time parents. After raising three babies and reviewing… [read more]

Ways to Save Money on Baby Items + Free Baby Gear Promo Codes!

Whether you’re a first time mom or a mom on a budget, you know that the cost of having a baby can quickly add up. According to this article on Parenting.com parents will spend roughly $12,000 on child-related expenses during their baby’s first year of life. Bravo to the parents who can afford that sum,… [read more]

Don’t be Fooled by these Common Fertility Misconceptions

Struggling with infertility, or know someone who is. Make sure you don’t let these common fertility misconceptions fool you. In all my talk about babies, kids, and toddlers I’m sure there are some of you out there wondering, perhaps a little hurt, what about those struggling with infertility? While I’ve never really struggled with infertility–well,… [read more]

Light Bladder Leakage and Other Things No One Tells You about Postpartum Recovery

Thanks to Poise for sponsoring this post and for keeping new mamas confident! Postpartum recovery tummies, saggy boobs, light bladder leakage and more: what every veteran mom knows and every soon-to-be-mom will find out… You’re pregnant for 9 long months.  If you’re like most women, you long for the day when you’ll no longer have… [read more]

Breastfeeding Troubles: When breastfeeding doesn’t become second nature

When I was on Facebook the other day Undercover Mama asked their fans if they thought breastfeeding was easy or hard. Most responded that breastfeeding starts out hard but gets easier after the first six weeks.  One woman’s response in particular struck me because it exemplifies why I often find myself envying–even to the point… [read more]

What no one told me about pregnancy AND 6 pregnancy essentials

Some women love being pregnant…I’m not one of those women.  Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, and when you get to hold your beautiful baby in your arms you know it is all been worth it.  But anyone woman who has been pregnant knows that both pregnancy and childbirth can really wreak havoc on a woman’s… [read more]

Baby Brother’s Birth Story, Part 2

It is amazing how difficult it is to find time to do anything other than feed the baby and feed myself.  For those of you who have held out, anxiously waiting to hear Part 2 of my birth story, I commend you! Before I start though I do need to issue a warning: Warning: The… [read more]

After much anticipation…Baby Brother’s Birth Story, Part 1

Part 1:   In order to properly tell this story I’m going to have to rewind a little bit and tell you about my preparations for baby brother’s birth. I always knew I wanted to bring my babies into the world with as little interference from drugs as possible. While I was pregnant with my… [read more]

Preparing your toddler or preschooler for the arrival of a new baby

Welcoming a new baby into the family is a joyous occasion for parents.  For siblings who are about to become “big brother” or “big sister” however, the new addition can bring anxiety, frustration, and confusion. “Why don’t mom and dad play with me anymore?”  Any parent who thinks that they will be able to divide… [read more]

6 Tips for a more comfortable pregnancy

So, you’re pregnant? Congratulations! Whether you’re embarking on the journey of motherhood for the first time or for the 10th there are always little tips and helps you can pick up along the way. When I began my first pregnancy I was astounded at all that I didn’t know about pregnancy.  I grew up with… [read more]

Wordless Wednesday: Pregnancy Update- 37 Weeks!

Just 18 days left til the due date!!!  

Thyme Maternity at Babies R Us – Cute, so stylish, and extremely flattering for the expecting mom! Review

Babies R Us has further increased their one-stop shopping offerings for expectant parents! Babies R Us has recently added Thyme Maternity–the leading Canadian maternity fashion brand from the Montreal-based Reitmans (Canada) Ltd., to their line of products.  Thyme offers current maternity styles for every aspect of life, from casual to work, plus a complete line of… [read more]

Leading Lady Holiday Nursing Bra Collection – Nursing Cami Review

It is getting to be that time for me when I need to start thinking about nursing apparel.  With my first two boys I heard that you should wait until a week or so after your milk comes in to buy a good nursing bra.  That way you’ll know what size to get.  Yeah, that… [read more]