Guest Post: Textured Paint Craft for Toddlers and Kids

When it comes to kids and cooking, there are at least two things I know for certain. First, they want to do it, too. Second, they’re always ready to taste whatever it is they’re mixing up. In that sense, cooking and crafting have a lot in common in the kid-participation department: No matter what type… [read more]

Guest Post: Guide to Choosing the Right Anniversary Gift

  Finding the perfect way to celebrate an anniversary is never easy (trust me, I’ve done it the wrong way more than once!). But, it’s something every devoted couple eventually has to manage. The bottom line is this: you both want to celebrate how long you’ve been together, but it’s really hard to nail down… [read more]

Guest Post: “Manopause” Yes, it happens to men, too.

I want to thank Lisa and Kathy so much for this post.  I know that many of you readers are in a different stage of life than I am.  Many of you have older children and grandchildren.  I think you’ll find this article pertains to you or someone you know.  For the others of us… [read more]

“Straight from the Doggie’s Mouth” – I’m guest posting at Katie Talks Carolina!

Toby the Doggie is at it again!  Chewing on “Stinky” and sneaking pizza.  What a silly doggie!  You can read my interview with Toby over at Katie Talks Carolina.  Don’t forget to leave your comments over there after reading. 🙂

Know these tips before you start your Spring Cleaning

As the cold winter nights begin to wind down and March rears its head, that special time of the year is about to begin! Spring cleaning is everyone’s favorite time of the year (this is to be read with a hint of sarcasm). From eliminating dust bunnies, to cleaning out the monsters that may be… [read more]

Guest Post: Tips for Choosing the Right Daycare

It is an unfortunate fact of modern life in a modern (faulty) economy that many women, despite how much they’d like to stay home and raise their children, are compelled to enter the workforce.  Other women choose to have a career and contribute to their family in that way.  What ever your family’s choice, if… [read more]

Guest Post ~ Tips For Making the Most of Playgroup

Playgroups Playgroups can be an excellent way for both you and your children to have fun and meet lots of great people. There are many ways to find a playgroup in your area. You can check online resources to find a wide variety of groups. Many local churches host playgroups, as well as schools for… [read more]

Yummy Apricot Recipes! Guest Post

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! It is summertime in Utah and Apricots are in season!  We had some late winter weather and a very cool spring so our apricot tree is green but bare of fruit.  If you’re lucky and got a multitude of apricots this year, or if you just happen to love apricots, here… [read more]

Beat the Heat with a Day out with Thomas the Tank Engine! ~Guest Post~

 Strasburg Railroad- have some family fun! (So says Little Man-) TRAINS RULE!!! Little Man and a “Red Cap” friend, who is there to answer questions, help out, and make your day that much better  🙂  During out bit trip to Pennsylvania we went to a very cool destination.  The Strasburg Railroad.  Out in Lancaster, PA, located… [read more]

Guest Post: Top Five Ways to Thank a Blogger

You’ve been reading a blog and really enjoying it, how do your show your appreciation? If you’re like me, when you’re out in the real world you tip folks for the service you receive.  If you hear a street performer play a beautiful piece of music or see a busker perform an amusing act, you… [read more]

Guest Post: Diaper your Baby for Under $7 per month!

Due to the recent news coverage about low income parents, money stretched to the max, allowing their children to sit in wet or soiled diapers for an inappropriate length of time.  If you’ve ever disposable diapered a child (I have) then you are acquainted with the extraordinary cost diapering a child can be.  Some of… [read more]

Guest Post~"It’s Never Too Late to Cloth Diaper" By Holly at Naptime

Cloth diapering can a pretty intimidating topic for any mom. There are so many options for diapers and inserts and doublers and sizes and “pockets” – it’s pretty easy to get overwhelmed. And just when you get the courage to do some research online and get ahead of the game, you’re thrown into an entire… [read more]