What happened to the Low Entry Giveaway linky???

I know this is a question in the forefront of your minds.  For two years I’ve been able to run this very successful service for other bloggers.   I began the Low Entry Giveaway Linky because I remember how difficult it was, as a beginning blogger, to publicize my giveaways at times.  Then as I… [read more]

URGENT! If you use my Low Entry Giveaway Linky PLEASE READ! For your computer’s safety!

For the past several weeks there has been someone spamming my low entry giveaway linky.  Each morning as I check all the links I delete almost 30 of these spam links. When clicked on these links take you to a website that begins a countdown to an automatic download of software to your computer.  You… [read more]

Come check out our Operation Baby Shower Sponsors!

A couple weeks ago I posted about my intent to organize Operation Baby Shower, an event to benefit local military families here in Bossier City, Louisiana.  Since then I’ve been busy recruiting brands who recognize the need of some of those who are currently serving our country. While my search for willing companies has not… [read more]

An apology, explanation, and an announcement!

These past few weeks have been HARD!  I’ve tried not to leave you, my readers, hanging.  But I’m sure that you’ve noticed that my low entry giveaways haven’t always posted on time.  That Kate has been doing most of the bigger posts. I wish I could say that I’ve been on vacation in some exotic… [read more]

Welcome to the Summer Social Giveaway Event! 4 Winners! $1200 in Prizes!

Welcome to the Summer Social Event!!! It’s summer and we’ve spent quite a bit of time talking about toys for the kids, now it’s time to pamper yourself!  What better way to do that than by winning the exciting prizes below! A special thanks to the Collective Media Magic team Just Like June, Have Sippy Will… [read more]

Wordless Wednesday {LINKY}: #AdventureCon and SeaWorld San Antonio

Last weekend I had the fun opportunity to attend a blogging conference at Sea World San Antonio.  We brought the kids on Saturday for a fun day of sharks, whales, and rides.  Here are a few pics. Me (left), middle Stacie from 7 on a Shoestring, right Marina from Energizer Bunnies’ Mommy Reports

Welcome to Fit to be Moms! Fun fit tips and some great prizes!

I wanted to do something a little different for Mother’s Day this year.  I wanted to do something that would not only be meaningful for moms, but that would also have a lasting impact on our lives. Being a mom takes time, devotion, and a heck of a lot of energy.  I often feel myself… [read more]

Welcome to Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Welcome to all the Blog Partiers!  My name is Amy.  This is me…. And this is also me…. I’m an early 30’s stay at home mom of 2 funny little boys, Air Force wife, spouse to a man who, thank the maker!, will be defending his dissertation next week (that little paper called “dissertation” has… [read more]

Evo ’12, I’m going and I’d love to take your Brand with me! -Sponsorship Opportunity-

A couple months ago I announced that I was going to attend BlogHer.  Well, I hate to be wishy washy, but I’ve decided that BlogHer is just not for me…this year at least.  After talking with several blogging friends I’ve decided to attend EVO ’12!  In fact, I have already bought my ticket!  Evo is… [read more]

#Glade #Happiair party and #SanAntonio St. Patrick’s Day Festival Recap!

What a wonderful time we had the other night at the Glade® Happiair Dinner Party I hosted for my local friends!  We ate a little food, had some girly chit-chat, played a couple games, and then checked out the new Home Style Studio app from Glade®.  Can I just tell you, it was so cool! … [read more]

Who makes you smile?! Enter for a chance to win a Trip to NYC!

TopDentists.com wants to know! I love contests like this!  Totally easy to enter, makes you feel good sharing about someone you love, and the winner receives a SWEET prize.  All you have to do is visit the link below and enter a photo of the person who makes you smile for your chance to win! … [read more]

Lolo needs your help! + A Sweet GivAway!

My blogging buddy Lolo from Crazy about My Baybah is in the running to be the next Mamavation Mom!  In order to win she needs to have the most votes so some of her other friends and I have teamed up to spread the word. I was so impressed when I watched Lolo’s video.  She… [read more]

BlogHer 2012 or bust! I’d love to promote your brand! -Sponsorship packages-

I have an announcement to make! I’ve decided to attend BlogHer 2012!  This will be my first ever blogger conference and I’m excited to learn from some of the best bloggers out there.  BlogHer 2012 will take place August 2-4 (I will be attending August 3-4) in New York City.  I will be actively seeking… [read more]

I was mentioned in the New York Times!

I got an email yesterday morning with an article about mom bloggers helping toy sales.  I read a little of it and then my boys needed me so I left it.  I didn’t think anything more of the article until another friend emailed me the same article and said that my blog was mentioned in… [read more]