The Surprising Benefits of Being a Mom

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There is no greater joy than that of being a mother. It is true, motherhood can be exhausting, monotonous, and, at times, can feel thankless. Despite the sleepless nights, dirty diapers, temper tantrums, and teething issues, seeing your little one grow and develop into a little person is more than worth it.

There are, however, some less considered, but very real benefits of being a mom.

#1: Motherhood can help you prepare for a career

Contrary to popular thought, motherhood doesn’t have to be a career killer; it can actually be a career booster! There are all kinds of mom skills you can put on your resumé, including time-management (having learned how to juggle the housework with the needs of your children), and resilience (such as having the courage to stick to the word ‘no’ when you’re with your child in the grocery store).

Having children can also prepare you for certain career paths, so you might be inspired to take a midwifery program online a doula program, or a teaching degree when you have the time.

You might also start your own business at home; not only as a means to boost your income but to give you something to do if you’re a stay-at-home mom. Almost two years ago I started a preschool/childcare hybrid program for stay-at-home-moms. It allows me to continue being a stay-at-home-mom while supplementing my family’s income.

#2: Motherhood can improve your health and wellbeing

It’s no good teaching healthy habits to your kids if you don’t model them yourself. As a mom, you can be an example of healthy living. Snack healthfully and prepare healthy meals.

Take time to play with your children. Little children love to wrestle around with mom, go on “airplane” rides on mom’s legs, even do mom and me yoga. During the warmer months I love to take my children on bike rides and hikes.

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We often talk about children spending too much time in front of screens or on their smartphones. Helping your children learn healthy media use often starts with mom and dad. Model the media use you’d like your children to learn. Help your children appreciate activities outside of media by starting a family hobby such as cooking, climbing, or anything else that promotes health benefits.

#3: Motherhood lets you be a child again

Set aside any ideas about feeling foolish and take the opportunity to jump on the trampoline, set up forts in the living room, and role-play scenes with action figures and dolls. They might look a little odd sitting in a cinema screen watching the latest Pixar movie with no children besides them.

Let go of your inhibitions and be silly and weird with your kids. Your kids will love it, and it will actually strengthen the parent-child bond.

You have the unique opportunity, as a mom, to do all of these things. It is fun as adults to reclaim some of our youth; your kids give you the perfect excuse!

#4: Motherhood gets you out of things you don’t want to do

As much as motherhood gives you the opportunity to do things your inner-child enjoys, it also gives you the opportunity to get out of some of your adult responsibilities. Sometimes you gotta look on the bright side of things, right? Your boss wants you to work overtime? You can’t. You have your children to get home to. A friend asks you to attend a social gathering you don’t want to go to? Sorry, you can’t seem to find a babysitter.

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There is no denying that being a mother is hard work requiring constant self-sacrifice. But the amazing benefits of motherhood, both the apparent and the less obvious, far make up for the inconvenience. There is nothing that brings greater joy than motherhood.

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