Including Your Kids in Your Romantic Celebration

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Romantic celebrations can be wonderfully memorable. Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday that you want to add some romance to, or another special day, celebrating together is a great way to show your partner that you care, to enjoy being together and to add a bit of spark to your relationship. Every relationship needs the spark renewed now and then.

But, when you’ve got a young family things are different. I remember when my husband and I had two and then three young kids and lived away from family. Before we found a local babysitter, it was really, really difficult for us to get out. Sometimes when you have young kids it is virtually impossible to enjoy time away with your partner, without the kids. Other times you might be so exhausted you may not even want to leave the house. Instead, you might prefer to include your children in your celebrations in some way. They are, after all, a massive part of your love, and it’s great to give them a strong example of what a loving relationship is as they grow. Here are just some of the ways that you can include your kids in your romantic celebration.

Let Them Help Gift Shopping

Even children as young as two or three love to help when it comes to choosing things. Sit together and look for the perfect gift online. Ask them what they like and what they think your partner would want. Even if you ultimately decide on something different than they suggested, they’ll love feeling as though their opinion matters.

Get Crafting

Instead of spending money on a gift (or as well as), get crafting. Homemade gifts and cards are an excellent way to show your love. Look on Pinterest for some ideas, get some paints and other supplies and make your partner some gifts and cards, teach your children that homemade items are thoughtful and loving.

Bake Something Together

Baking with kids is always fun, and it’s another great way to show someone that you care. Make a cake, some cupcakes, cookies, or if your kids are a little older, spend time cooking a nice meal together. Let them help as much as they are able and don’t worry about the mess.

Let Them Serve You

If your kids are a little older and prefer to be on the sidelines of your celebration, why not ask them to be servers for your evening? Get them dressed up and ask them to serve you dinner. The kids will love helping, and playing pretend, and they’ll look super cute.

Go on a Family Date

If you’d all rather go out, head out together on a family date. If the weather is good, head to the park with a picnic of all of your favorite things.

Remember to pack gifts, and some special items. If the weather isn’t as good, how about a trip to the movies and lunch at a family-friendly restaurant.

A Home Movie Night

Get tucked up on your sofa, or in a big bed, with the whole family. Get under the duvet. Make a quick store run and pick up all of your favorite movie snacks and drinks. Our family loves to have movie nights with pizza, popcorn, and a treat! Shut off devices for the evening, snuggle up together and enjoy a classic movie night. Let everyone vote on the film if you can’t all agree on what to watch.

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