Winter Preschool Snowflake Craft with the Best Snowflake Books for Kids

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Preschool Snowflake Craft and Lesson - Winter Preschool Craft

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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. When you purchase through these links I receive a very small commission.



I’m back!

No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth.

Nothing tragic, devastating, or depressing happened to cause my blogging hiatus.

Quite the contrary actually.

For the last several months all my time has been sucked up: finishing a large (in my novice mind) DIY project that needed finishing before winter set in,starting a new business that I’ll talk about in just a minute, and taking care of our new, adorable little puppy, Loki.

Isn’t he adorable!

Cockapoo puppy

The new business…

Yes! I started a business!

It has been really important to my husband and I that I stay home with the kids until they are all in school full-time. Because of that, it has been important to me to find ways of supplementing my family’s income that I can do from home.

SOOooo….I started my own Mom’s Day Out center out of my home!

If you live in the South or Midwest, the concept of Mom’s Day Out is likely not foreign to you, but if you live in a state like mine where no one has heard of Mom’s Day Out, lemme ‘splain.

One day a week moms can drop their preschool aged children off at my house for an entire school day. Since the preschools around here are a maximum of 3 hours (most are 2.25 hours), dropping your kids off once a week somewhere for 5.5 hours is a luxury that is almost unheard of.

And, forgive me for saying so, but sometimes moms just need a break! Sometimes we just want to get stuff done without our often unwilling kids in tow.

So, two days a week I hold Mom’s Day Out in my home (for two different groups of kids). Between playtime, yoga, crafts, science, and movement activities, we have a blast!

I’ll be posting some of the crafts and activities that we do as often as I can here on my blog.

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This article contains Amazon affiliate links which means if you purchase through those links I earn a (very) small commission.

Winter Preschool Snowflake Craft and Snowflake Book Recommendations

This winter preschool snowflake craft is perfect for kids as young as three years old. Using the glue stick and cotton swabs, kids get fine motor skill practice. It is also a great craft to work on simple, multiple step direction following.


Preschool Snowflake Craft Supplies and Instructions

Difficulty: Easy (3-5 years)

Prep time: 10 minutes

Craft time: 5-10 minutes

First of all, if you don’t already own one, you must have a paper cutter. Okay, so you don’t really need a paper cutter, but my paper cutter has been one of my favorite gadget purchases. It gets used at least weekly. A very simple one will do. I picked up one similar to this at Target.


1. Lay the paper landscape. Using your paper cutter, cut 6 half-inch strips of paper for each child. I was able to cut three sheets at a time which sped up the process.

2.  Prepare a plate with a half dollar sized splotch of white tempra paint and 1 cotton swab for each child.

3.  Before giving the children their materials, walk the children through the process of creating their snowflake:

a.  Instruct them to rub their glue stick on the center of a strip of paper and then lay the middle of the next strip on top of the glue being careful that the strips are not parallel to one another. Show them how to make the first couple strips perpendicular and then lay the next strips–making sure they put a spot of glue in between each layer–so they form a snowflake.

3 year old making a winter Snowflake craft in preschool

Oops! This little one needed to be reminded where the glue goes.



4.  Instruct the children to, using only one end of the cotton swab, lightly dab the paint-dipped swab onto their snowflake.

Preschool Winter Craft Q-tip Snowflake


4.  Allow at least 30 minutes to dry.


My little Mom’s Day Out kids LOVED this craft. I have kids ages 3-5 and it can be difficult to find crafts that fit all of their cognitive and motor skill levels. This one was perfect. I had to reiterate instructions only once (as seen above) and there was almost no mess!

To make this craft even more fun, consider pairing it with a book about snow and snowflakes! Each of the books I’ve listed below teaches at least a few facts about snowflakes. Some of them are chock-full of fun info and engaging pictures about snowflakes.

Preschool Snowflake Book Recommendations – Books About Snow


It is always great to have a fun, engaging book to go with your craft! Below are some fiction and non-fiction books about snow for preschoolers. The links are Amazon affiliate links which means if you purchase through those links I earn a (very) small commission.



The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder by Mark Cassino (Photographer),‎ Jon Nelson (Contributor)

Snow is Falling by Dr. Franklyn M. Branley (Author),‎ Holly Keller (Illustrator)

Snow by Marion Dane Bauer (Author),‎ John Wallace (Illustrator)

Snowflakes: A Pop-Up Book by Jennifer Preston Chushcoff (Author),‎ Yevgeniya Yeretskaya (Author)




Snowflakes Fall by Patricia Maclachlan (Author),‎ Steven Kellogg (Illustrator)

The Little Snowflake  by Steve; Wellington, Monica Metzger (Author)

The Tiny Snowflake (Christian book) by Arthur Ginolfi  (Author),‎ Louise Reinoehl Max (Author, Illustrator)

All You Need for a Snowman by Alice Schertle (Author),‎ Barbara Lavallee (Illustrator)


Winter Snowflake Craft for kids


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