3 Tips for a Happy, Healthier Family

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The foundation to a happy and healthy family starts at home, and it starts with you, the parent. Creating good habits at home when your children are young will help them carry those values throughout their lives and lead them to acting as a positive influence on other people. Creating a healthy environment is easily implemented in your home daily. Use the following three tips to help you shape a healthy and safe environment for your children.

Eliminate Toxins and Allergens

My boys, one of whom also has asthma, suffer from severe allergies. Because of this we’ve learned how many things can contribute to unhealthy air quality inside your home. Pollen, dander, and dust can lead to allergies in children and adults, which can affect other health issues.

Create Homeschool Area in Small Spaces

Vacuum or sweep your home often, and keep the air filters inside your HVAC system clean. We actually just had to replace our HVAC system this summer. We opted to one of the best particulate filtration options the company provided. By improving the indoor air quality of your home, your family will be healthier.

Often cleaning supplies and (ironically) air fresheners used at home can add to the toxicity in your indoor air quality, which can be harmful for children. Try switching to natural cleaning solutions or making your own at home. DIY cleaning products are just as productive and cheaper than store-bought ones.

Be a Healthy Role Model

As parents, we want to show our children how to engage in a healthy lifestyle, starting with healthy eating. When you personally make healthy food choices, your children will follow your example.

Food is a great way to connect as a family. Making meals together and having meals together can help children make better dining choices, even when they are not at home.

Encourage your children to be active and play outdoors. Involve them in a sport or enjoy a hike as a family. Family activities not only lead to healthy lifestyles, but also happier children.

Goblin Valley State Park with Kids

Show them how to be a positive influence to others by being kind and always being supportive of others as well as themselves. Compassion and self-confidence in a child helps support a healthy lifestyle and a positive attitude.


Keep the Home Safe

Safety is important, especially where your children are involved. You can prevent many home accidents with simple safety practices.

For example, make sure all smoke detectors and fire alarms have batteries and occupy spaces throughout the home. If your children are young, be sure to have a smoke detector directly near their rooms.

As a parent, you need to take responsibility to do all that you can to provide the safest home possible for your children. For older children, always have emergency numbers on hand and have a plan in place in case of emergencies. Make a family night to practice these plans. Teaching your children about safety while they’re young will help them to make the right decisions elsewhere.

By creating a safe and healthy environment, your children will be happier, more confident, and better prepared for decision making outside of the home.



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