4 Ways To Make Family Vacations More Fun for YOU

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4 Ways to Make Family Vacations More Fun For You

Family vacation is a time for the family to kick back and enjoy themselves. All too often, however, vacations spiral into hard work for moms shouldering most of the responsibility. But there’s a better way: Simplify your vacation so that you get time to enjoy it yourself, too, with the following four clever vacation strategies.


1. Choose an All-Inclusive Vacation Option

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All-inclusive vacation options mean that you don’t need to worry about your budget during your vacation or what your family will do while you’re away.

You could stay in an all-inclusive resort, where you’ll enjoy meals and recreational activities for a flat nightly rate. Many also have kids camps included which will give you and your partner some time to yourselves.

You could also hit the seas and go on a cruise. Think of a cruise ship as a traveling all-inclusive resort. Get off each day to explore the ports, then board the ship again to keep having fun while the captain takes you to your next destination. Fares include food, stage shows, and use of ship facilities such as pools and waterslides. Most lines also have complimentary kids clubs to keep your little ones amused while you’re relaxing with cocktails.

2. Make a Pre-Vacation Chore List

You’ll feel confident that you won’t forget anything with a pre-vacation chore list. Include chores that will help you get away, such as packing and taking your pets to kennels, as well as chores to keep your home running efficiently while you’re away, such as adjusting your thermostat and reserving an HVAC system maintenance check.

Don’t feel like you need to do all the items on your list yourself. Delegate as much as you can to lighten your load. Have the kids help with the laundry and give them a packing list to pack their own clothes and gear.

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3. Give Yourself Plenty of Travel Time

Family vacations often require you to be at a certain place at a certain time. Perhaps you have to make your travel connections, or you want to be at an amusement park when it opens to make the most of your day. Wherever you want to be, make sure you allow plenty of time. Feeling like time is running out creates the kind of stress that makes vacations unpleasant.

Vacation planners suggest deciding how long you’ll take to get to your destination, then adding 20 minutes for every child, or slow adult, in your family. This plan will give you your new intended departure time. The extra padding helps if you’re slow to get out the door or you need to make bathroom stops along the way.


4. Make Time for the Things That Interest You

All too often, what moms want gets pushed down to the end of any vacation itinerary list. However, you’re an important member of your family, and you deserve to get what you want out of your vacation. Research your destination carefully and note the attractions that interest you. Then make time to see them. If your idea of a great vacation is reading by the pool, make some time for that activity, too.

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Family vacations should be for everybody — moms too. Simplify your vacation and make sure it’s the break from the everyday routine you deserve.



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  1. LOVE these ideas. So often I feel like I need another vacation (just for myself) after the vacation is over. Ha!