4 Good Habits to Teach Your Kids Early On

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In the age of technology, those who don’t have the latest tablets or smartphones won’t make the cut, even those at kindergarten level. A 2015 study reveals that up to 75 percent of children between ages 1 and 4 have their own smart device.

Although the use of smart devices can lure children away from healthy outdoor activities, you can make sure children have a balance of fun and entertainment. Discover four healthy habits you can instill in your children at an early age.

Healthy Habits to Instill at an Early Age

1. Conserve Energy Around the House

Little Scholar Tablet by School Zone

Having a device continually connected to a charger could cause damage to the device and the environment. Much like the habit of switching off lights when leaving a room, you want to teach your kids to turn off the power outlet when not in use.

If every family member commits to turning off the outlets when not in use, this practice has the potential to boost the energy efficiency in your home by 10 percent.


2. Keep Nutritious Foods in the Fridge

Healthy Lunch for Kids

To teach children about ways that good nutrition is important, set up a section in the refrigerator for their use. Fill this section with nutritious snacks and give children access to it. Keep water bottles filled with their own water. They can add fruit such as berries to their water to improve the flavor and cut down on fizzy drinks consumed.

Also, remind them about opening the fridge as little as possible to conserve energy. By limiting how many times they open the fridge door, they’ll curb excess snacking, which promotes healthier eating habits, too.


3. Get Enough Zzzzzz’s

Sleeping Soundly at Conestoga Ranch

One of the fastest ways to teach children to go to bed on time is by creating a safe and comfortable environment for them. Healthy sleep patterns help them stay refreshed so they can make the most of their day. Enough rest will also reduce the time they spend in front of the television because they’re too tired to play.

One of the easiest ways to encourage peaceful sleep is by having a functioning HVAC system in your home. Service your HVAC system on time to keep it working properly and reduce unnecessary repairs.


4. Promote Adventure

backyard climbing wall

Whether the outdoors is a place of adventure and fun or simply another area of the home will depend on the approach parents use to create excitement surrounding it. Dedicate an area outdoors that allows children to play freely, such as a play area, a treehouse, or even a climbing wall.

Goblin Valley Dinosaur

Another way to encourage outdoor play is by camping (if you haven’t yet, make sure you check out our awesome camping trip to Goblin Valley State Park) and joining in on outdoor activities such as cycling and hiking. Once children can associate good memories with the outdoors, they’ll foster a love for it. A love of the outdoors increases the desire to be outdoors more often.



Healthy habits are about more than only promoting better alternatives for an improved lifestyle. Healthy communication between parents and children can help kids associate their newfound healthier habits with good memories of their parents.


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  1. This is so great! By teaching these habits to the kids, they can learn how to deal things by themselves and gradually they know to be independent.