How to Maximize Energy Savings During Summer

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Summer can be a great time for homeowners. You might be blasting the air conditioning and changing out of sweaty clothes throughout the day, but at least you’re also not curled up under multiple blankets due to the freezing cold winter weather. By this time of year, I’m so ready for the long Utah winter to be done.

Most homeowners, like me, enjoy opening up the windows to air out the house and relax knowing that the energy bill could be lower this month.

However, summer is also a time for preparation. The steps you take right now can set you up for success during the fall and winter. Follow these three steps to maximize energy savings this summer before it’s time to kick on the heat.

Maximize Your Energy Savings this summer

Get Your HVAC System Checked

My husband and I were actually talking about this yesterday. If you want your heating and air systems to last throughout the year, it’s important to get them checked during the summer. Your HVAC tech should check the filters to make sure that air is passing normally, and you might want to have your air ducts inspected as well. If you have leaky ducts, you could be pushing cold air out of the house through the summer. Making these fixes now means that your energy bills won’t spike as high as they normally do after summer ends.

Use the Sun to Light Your House

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The best way to capitalize on summer sun is to let it do most of the work. During the day, leave your curtains open to let sunbeams bring in light for any pets at home. If you live on the ground floor or in a high-traffic area, try to learn when during the day the sun directly hits your windows (such as in the morning if you face east), and part your curtains then so you can save on lightbulb usage. This will also limit the exposure of your private life to your neighbors while letting your home naturally light up.

Remember, once night hits, make sure your curtains are closed. They will keep energy within your home and prevent hot temperatures from seeping in. The more you’re able to harness the power of the sun, the less you will have to rely on costly lighting.

Avoid Dramatic Temperature Swings

Everyone typically feels comfortable within a range of temperatures that rarely differ by 10 degrees. This is good for you and your HVAC system, because you’re comfortable and your system doesn’t have to work very hard.

Many homeowners throw open their windows and doors in the summer to let fresh air in and naturally warm the home. This is great when the temperatures outside are just right. But when it’s warm outside, this means the temperature in your house could raise from 72 degrees to 85 degrees within an hour. This puts pressure on your system, when you do turn it on, to regain the right temperature — and this makes it work harder. It’s okay to open a window or two, but try to maintain the temperature in your home at comfortable levels.

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There are many reasons to love summer, from the warm weather to pool days to awesome road trips! And you can make summer last longer by following these steps. By keeping your home within the right temperatures, your HVAC system will perform at its best, keep your energy bills down, and reduce your environmental impact.


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