Create Your Own Home Summer Reading Program + Summer Reading Reward Coupon Printables

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How to Create Your Own Home Summer Reading Program

Summer break is upon us! My boys have put in hard work this school year and I want to make sure that they don’t lose all that they’ve gained this year in school. Creating a Home Summer Reading Program is an effective and enjoyable way for kids to keep on learning throughout the summer. Reading can be done at home or on the road as your family enjoys summer trips together.

Tips for Ensuring Summer Your Home Summer Reading Program Success:

  1. Make sure you and your child find books that match their reading level. You can find out your child’s reading level by asking their school teacher. You can find books online and at the library that match your child’s reading level.
  2. Allow your child to pick out their books: It’s a no-brainer that when kids are interested in the subject material or the story-line, they are going to be more eager to pick up the book and read. Again, make sure the reading level is appropriate for your child.
  3. Read WITH your younger children: Older children usually have the fluency (meaning, they can decode words fast enough to understand the meaning of the text) in reading to benefit from reading on their own. Younger children, however, often need the bit of help and encouragement reading with a grown-up can provide. Although my 7 year old reads above his grade level, he still needs the occasional reading rest and support that reading with an adult can provide. To make reading more enjoyable and beneficial, we often take turns reading pages.
  4. Ask your children questions about what they are reading: Studies have shown than even children as old as 4th grade may have a difficult time summarizing and digesting books they’ve read on their own. Make sure, each day, to ask your child questions about what they have read that day: what happened to [the main characters] today, what was your favorite thing that happened in your book today, why did [character] do ____, etc.

How to start a Summer Reading Program at Home

Don’t forget to check out my book lists for summer reading books ideas!

One thing I want to stress is that having fun and creating memories does not have to be an expensive thing.

It is my opinion that costly rewards are actually counterproductive to a child’s motivation when used often. However, inexpensive or no cost rewards that bring families together in meaningful and fun activities are a great option for families looking to add an extra element of fun to their at home summer reading program. Not only do these rewards get children reading who may otherwise be reluctant readers, they create fun summer memories that will last your children a lifetime.

To help with fun reward ideas, I’ve created a list of FREE (or nearly free) home Summer Reading Program rewards. Each of these rewards promotes family unity and fun!

Scroll down for your Free Home Summer Reading Program Rewards Coupons Printable.

*You decide how you would like your child to earn these coupons. I am going to do them by “pages read” according to their reading level for my oldest two who can read. For example: for every 75 pages read you can pick a coupon. My 4 year old, who needs me to read to him, will go by number of books read.

Home Summer Reading Program Rewards Ideas:

  1. Trade a dinner. What kid doesn’t love the treat of having breakfast cereal for dinner? If you have picky eaters, this coupon is guaranteed to be popular! This coupon will allow the reader to trade their dinner one night for breakfast cereal for dinner.
  2. You choose dinner! Child gets to choose what mom cooks. Or, for even more fun, child gets to choose dinner and gets to help make dinner.
  3. Cupcake making! Celebrate another book read by making and decorating cupcakes together!
  4. Family Game Night! Have these already? If not, celebrate a book read by having a fun family game night. If you already have family game night, double the fun with an extra game night.
  5. Movie night! Go all out with homemade pizza (kids love to make their own pizzas!) and a movie. Bonus if you can find the made for screen version of the book your child just read.
  6. Water balloon fight in the backyard! Parents, get involved in this one. It will make great memories for your kids later.
  7. Marshmallow roast. Grab those puffy white globs of sugar and celebrate! If you’ve got a fire pit, a grill, or even a kitchen stove, you can roast and toast some delicious marshmallows to sticky perfection.
  8. Go on a picnic! Have the kids help decide what to bring and help you pack up. Find a relaxing spot–a local park, playground, or somewhere off the beaten path. Here in Utah, we head into the mountains to one of our favorite spots along a stream.

Check out these awesome Home Summer Reading Program Free Printable Reading Coupons I made! I’ve left the bottom two coupons blank so you can write in your own activities.

Click here to print your Summer Reading Program Coupons!

Home Summer Reading Program Reading Coupons Free Printable

Or, if you would rather use all your own ideas, here is a blank Reading Coupons Free Printable. (Please, respect copyright. These coupons are for personal use only.)

Click here to print your Blank Summer Reading Program Coupons!

Blank Reading Coupons for kids. Great for summer reading programs!

Happy Summer Reading!


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