Top 5 Valentine’s Gifts to Say ‘I Love You’ to Your Kids

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Valentine's Gifts for Your Kids that say I Love YouBefore we had kids, Valentine’s Day entailed a romantic evening out and sweet nothings inscribed on cute cards. Today, with three little boys, Valentine’s Day is no less fun, but it has taken on a little different tone…

The kids come home from school super excited to exchange Valentine cards, make Valentine crafts, and decorate for Valentine’s Day. The older ones are excited and maybe a bit nervous to give a Valentine to the classmate they’ve had a crush on all year.

I just want to squeeze them all tight and tell them how much I love them! They are my Valentines this Valentine’s Day. One of them, quite literally, was my Valentine’s Day gift! One Valentine’s evening seven years ago I went into labor with my second son, my little blondie.

Each year I do something special for each of my kiddos on Valentine’s Day. Last year it was handmade cards…and a treat–always a treat. My 6 year old would never forgive me if I left out the treat! LOL

I’ve partnered with Snuggle to put together this excellent list of Valentine’s Gifts to Say “I Love You” to Your Kids…

Valentine’s Gifts to Say ‘I Love You’ to Your Kids

  1. A handmade card: Make a card for each child. It doesn’t have to be pretty. You might be surprised by how proud they are of even the simplest handmade card. Write a heartfelt note in the card detailing a few of the reasons why you love them so much. Tell them how proud you are of them and why. Be specific. After they’ve read the letter, place it in a memory box where they can read it years down the road. Handmade valentine
  2. Give them a heart attack: The fun kind! Cut out 20 or so paper hearts. On each one write one thing you love or appreciate about your child. Tape them to the outside of your child’s bedroom door. This is a great one if you have preteens or teenagers!
  3. Make a Valentine treat together: Spending time together doing something fun or making something yummy is a great way to say Happy Valentine’s Day. It’s also a wonderful way to make awesome memories together!Kids making Valentine's Treats
  4. Have a family candle-lit dinner: Candle-lit dinners aren’t just for couples. Turn down the lights, light some candles, duct tape the 4 year old’s mouth so he doesn’t constantly blow out the candles, and put on some fun instrumental music (I’m a bit of a nerd, but I love the oldies for Valentine’s Day–classic crooners like Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, etc.).
  5. Create a fun personalized video: Make and send them a Snuggle Serenade!

This year, I thought it would be fun to make them a Snuggle Serenade! Snuggle Serenades are a cute way to send a little Valentine love to friends and family. It took me just a few minutes to select and upload the pictures to the Snuggle Serenade website. A few minutes later I received an email that my Snuggle Serenade was ready!

Snuggle Serenades

I have to say, my boys got the biggest kick out of the Snuggle Serenade. They though it was awesome to see their pictures in the movie and though the Snuggle Bear was so cute…and very hilarious.

Snuggle Serenades Valentine

From now through Valentine’s Day on February 14, you can create your own customized Snuggle Serenade by following these easy steps:

  • Visit Snuggle Serenades at
  • Set the mood by selecting one of the classic love songs
  • Personalize your serenade by uploading photos of your special someone
  • Share via Facebook and Twitter and use #SingItSnuggle

Snuggle Serenades Valentines for your kids

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