Robot Vacuum On Your Wish List? Know These Benefits and Drawbacks of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

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If you ask my husband, it is no secret that I’ve wanted a robot vacuum cleaner for years. Robot vacuum cleaners have been steadily on the rise among households and it’s not hard to see why. This kind of automated cleaning equipment is straight out from what the near future could look like – basically alleviating humans from the daily hassle and inconvenience of basic, albeit tedious, human tasks such as household chores.
Stick around as I take a look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of robot vacuum cleaners.
The Pros and Cons of Robot Vacuums. What You Need to Know Before You Buy a Robot Vacuum

That said, the mere name “robot vacuum” sounds pretty awesome as it is. However, I’ve learned through my research that you shouldn’t expect something 110% functional and useful: robot vacuums come with significant benefits, but have some drawbacks as well. Given that fact, it’s imperative to know both sides of the coin if you’re thinking of investing in one (or rewarding yourself with one) in this holiday season.


Key Benefits of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

  1. They are user friendly

While it may seem that a robot vacuum packs in a whole lot of advanced technology, it’s actually pretty easy to use even if you’re not into complex equipment. All you need to do at first is to program its cleaning schedule and the allotted area and have it positioned on a good starting spot.

Another great advantage – they are small and compact, which makes storage a breeze, as opposed to your typical vacuum cleaners.

  1. They save time & effort

As their name suggests, robot vacuums were mainly designed to save you the effort and time of having to vacuum the house yourself. Admit it, cleaning chores are something that you secretly – or blatantly – wish to remove from your to-do list. This type of machine could be the answer you’re looking for and instead of having to spend hours vacuuming your place, you could just spend that precious time doing more fulfilling activities.

Better yet, you can vacuum your home even while you’re not there. Just turn it on before you leave and it’ll automatically shut down at the time you set it up (or use the scheduler, or a smartphone app, if available).

  1. They can clean hard-to-reach areas

The worst part of vacuuming the house is cleaning up those tough-to-reach spots. Ironically, that’s where all the dust converges. Given their ergonomic and compact design, robovacs can easily go under big furniture and whatnot.


  1. They are cost efficient

Sure, the average price range for robotic cleaners fall somewhere around $200-$500. That’s significantly higher than your average upright vacuum cleaner, which you can get for less than a hundred bucks. But considering their previously stated advantages, they could be well worth the investment. Not to mention that maintenance is reduced to dumping the debris and changing the filter every once in a while.


The Drawbacks of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

  1. Longer Cleaning Time

It’s no secret – even the best robotic vacuum cleaners tend to clean slower and much longer than your traditional vacuums. This would be alright for smaller spaces but if you have a wider space, this could be quite a problem that could lead to other issues, such as running out of charge, having to endure the noise it makes, and having to empty the dust bag.

  1. Stuff Gets Stuck

Robot vacuums are not as intelligent as you may think. If you have paper, socks, small toys, or even jewelry lying on the floor, they would easily gobble that up, and this could cause internal damage. It’s highly advisable that you first make sure there aren’t any hazardous items lying on the ground before you put your vacuum at work.

  1. Lost and Found. Barely

If it doesn’t have the mapping functionality, it’s quite inevitable for a robot vacuum cleaner to get stuck at certain spots and corners. The problem here is that usually it finds a hidden place, so you’ll actually have rescue it every once in a while.

  1. Costly Repairs

Its higher cost compared to upright vacuum cleaners is still a big con for some, especially for families who just can’t afford that kind of expenditure. And while most brands do provide warranty, they don’t necessarily cover for the wear of the batteries, which will last you on average 3-4 years (and then, you need to replace them).

Final Word on the Benefits and Drawbacks of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Finally, note that these benefits and drawbacks vary a lot, depending on the brand and model you are looking at. Some benefits are more prominent in some models, while others have more severe drawbacks. It’s important to scrutinize the make and possibly get as much information and user testimonials before zeroing in on what you’re going to purchase. For this Christmas, I would recommend you the premium iRobot Roomba 980, the powerful Xiaomi Mi or the worthy iLife A4.


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