The Quantum Vac 6-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner | This thing is AMAZING!

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I have to admit that I was intrigued when I received an email in my inbox a bit ago asking me if I’d review the 6-in-1 Quantum Vacuum Cleaner (yeah, that does say “6-in-1”. I’ll touch on that in a sec). It reminded me of the water-based filtration vacuum my mother-in-law used for 25 years and still, to this day, raves about.

The Quantum Vacuum Cleaner 6-in-1

The Quantum Vac, as I quickly learned, isn’t your standard vacuum cleaner. Sure, it comes with some of the same attachments your standard vacuum cleaners come with: upholstery brush, duster brush, and crevice tool. But, the Quantum Vac goes beyond these standards. Well, beyond.

6-in-1 Quantum Vacuum Cleaner Pro

In addition to the standard vacuum cleaning functions, the Quantum Vacuum is also:

  1. A Wet Vac
  2. A Dry hard floor vacuum
  3. An Air purifier
  4. A Leaf Blower
  5. An Inflator and Deflator

Better for your health and a great vacuum cleaner for those with allergies, the Quantum Vacuum cleaner has Micro Silver to Reduce Germs and uses a water-based filter. The water based filtration means the Quantum Vac is always clean (just pour the dirty water down the drain or out into the flower bed). You never have to worry about purchasing a new filter or cleaning a filter. The water is your filter.

Now, you absolutely have to watch this review! Not only do I go over some of the features of the Quantum Vacuum cleaner, I do the Quantum Vac Challenge, cleaning my carpets with my current vacuum cleaner, and then going over the same area with the Quantum Vac. The results are pretty telling. Just watch…

I haven’t used this as an air purifier yet, but the air gets really bad here in Utah during the winter, so I’ll update my review after I’ve had a chance to give the air purifier feature a really good run.

We have some giant maple trees outside, and The Husband is excited to try our Quantum Vacuum cleaner as a leaf blower this fall!

The Quantum Vac Pro comes with a 5 year warranty.  Retailing for $499, the Quantum Vac is very competitively priced compared to its competitors vacuums which are priced around $3,000 (!!!).

You can also do a 14-day in-home trial of the Quantum Vacuum Cleaner for just $1. You’re charged just $1 at check out, then if you decide to keep the vacuum after 14 days, you are charged the remainder of the vacuum’s cost.

Use the Quantum Vac Coupon Code “SAVVY” to save $50 off your Quantum Vac!

To purchase a Quantum Vac Pro, or to check out more details about the Quantum Vacuum cleaner, click here.



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