Smartphone Savings that Will Also Save Your Sanity – ZTE Grand X Max 2 at Cricket Wireless

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Did you know I just recently switched to android?

It’s true.

Some say that I’ve gone to the dark side. I say that at last I’ve seen the light!

I’m totally loving the Android OS!

On another note, the kids are back in school and having a blast! We’ve had a crazy couple weeks though, spending lots of time at doctor’s offices getting the boys allergy testing done. Turns out, I have not one but two kids with life threatening food allergies…so…that’s fun.

Here are my tough guys after their blood tests the other day…

Sitting in the offices so long (with 3 kids!!) reminded me what a lifesaver having a good phone is! A few times things got pretty hairy, and I was afraid all hell might break loose. Thankfully, mom we all managed to keep our cool…barely.

ZTE Grand X Max 2 Smartphone

The ZTE Grand X Max 2 is a great phone for people who find themselves constantly on the go! The ZTE Grand X Max 2 is a high powered LTE smartphone that runs on the Android Marshmallow OS (which is a great operating system!). Check out some of these features:

  • Large 6″ FHD LCD display
  • Wide angle front 5MP camera and dual rear camera (13MP AF + 2MP FF)
    Bokeh effect setting – The aesthetic quality of the blur produced in the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens.
  • High powered LTE smartphone running android Marshmallow OS
  • Dolby Audio and Hi-Fi Music

ZTE Grand X Max 2

The high powered LTE, the Dolby audio, and large 6″ FHD LCD display means the ZTE Grand X Max 2 is a lifesaver to have on hand when the ability to stream a show might save mom’s sanity.

Plus, the ZTE Grand X Max 2 is equipped with Qualcomm’s quick charge 2.0 so you never have to be left with a dead battery because you didn’t have several hours to charge your phone. …Like the other day when we were at the allergist’s office for 2 and a half hours…and the tablet died…and then my phone died…and I thought I was going to die having to entertain my 3 boys in a 8 foot by 8 foot room for an hour and a half.

And, as a photography loving person, I love that this phone is equipped with a wide angle front camera (makes taking group selfies so easy!) and dual rear cameras! Check out this great picture quality…

Guitar Bokeh

On their own, these features are great, but what makes them even better is the value. Right now, new customers who bring their number to Cricket Wireless can get the ZTE Grand X Max 2 for just $129.99 when you bring your number to Cricket! ($169.99 for existing customers.)

Cricket Wireless offers customers easy and affordable plans starting at $35/mo after $5 AutoPay credit, with monthly taxes and fees included. You’ll find a great selection of phones we customers love, and a reliable 4G LTE network with more coverage than T-Mobile, Metro PCS, Sprint and Boost.

Where to Purchase the ZTE Grand X Max 2

You can check out the ZTE Grand X Max 2 both online and in stores. Locate a Cricket Wireless authorized retail location here.

*Buy ZTE Grand X Max 2 for $129, port number to Cricket and activate a new qualified plan, minimum $40 per month. Fees, other charges & restrictions apply. See store for details.

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