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Thank you so much to Graco for sending the amazing Graco Table2Table highchair for review and for sponsoring blog post.

My sister has recently introduced her 6 month old son to solid foods. For whatever reason we, as parents, get really excited about our children starting solid foods. It is as much a rite of passage for the parents as it is for the babies.

My sister decided to do “baby led weaning” (a British term for starting your baby on safe table foods—as opposed to purees) with her little guy. I’ve written a little bit about Baby Led Weaning here on Oh So Savvy Mom. We talked about some of the easy, quick, better breakfast options for her son. As a school teacher, she needs to be able to offer him something healthy, but also quick in the mornings.

Thankfully, Baby Led Weaning (BLW) is far and away the easiest way to feed your baby because there is so little prep work — you often just feed your baby the same thing you eat.

Baby Led Weaning Baby

Apples and an organic whole grain toast are great options for baby led weaned babies. In this case, because the little man is still figuring out the whole “chewing” part of eating. We decided it would be a good idea to steam his apple slices for several minutes to soften them up. As a general rule, unless steamed, apples are a more advanced food for baby led weaned babies.

Baby Led Weaning Breakfast

(Check out the recipe at the bottom of the post!)

My sister loved the new Graco Table2Table Highchair she used for her little guy when she was over at my house!

Graco Table2Table Highchair Review

Graco Table2 Table High Chair

By the end of her visit all she and I could talk about was how amazing the Graco Table2Table Highchair is! She said if she could do it again, she’d purchase the Graco Table2Table highchair instead of the one she currently has.

So many configurations with the Graco Table2Table highchair!

Graco Table2Table Highchair grows with your child from infant to 6 years

(Before we move on, I think we need to address the elephant in the room here…my son’s face. Seriously, guys, the kid cracks me up! He’s always pulling some face or other when the camera comes out. There is no normal, “smile and say cheese” with him. I think he’s forever planning on how he can best ham up his next picture.)

The Graco Table2Table highchair provides so much versatility and longevity for the value. Most high chairs serve your child from infancy to toddlerhood, but this “grow with me” high chair fits your child from infancy all the way to 6 years old!

Okay, on to the options!

1.) Full infant/toddler high chair

2.) Infant space saving high chair

3.) Toddler booster seat

4.) 3-6 year old kid sized table and chair for activities and food. My 3 year old is so proud of having his own little table!

5.) 3-6 year old junior chair for kids who need just a little bit of boost at the dining table

6.) Growing families can use the junior chair and the infant space saving high chair (attached to a dining room chair) at the same time! See the chair my son is sitting in next to his cousin in the highchair? That is actually a part of the Table2Table highchair. Brilliant!

Can you see why my sister and I think the Graco Table2Table highchair is the rockstar of high chairs!

 So Easy to Assemble and Clean!

The Graco Table2Table Highchair also gets an A+ for easy assembly, take down, and compact storage. The design that allows you to easily configure the high chair for multiple uses and ages, also allows for easy take down and compact storage.

The cover is easily removable for washing or if you just need to shake it out in the sink. Baby led weaning, while I love it, is admittedly very messy. If you’re going to have a highchair with any type of fabric you’re going to want to be able to remove it quickly. I know when you think fabric and baby food, you have visions of buying stock in stain remover sticks, but I was impressed to discover the fabric on the Graco Table2Table highchair is wipeable.

Baby Led Weaning, can be a pretty messy business. Thankfully, not only is the Graco Table2Table high chair cover wipeable (*Pro tip: a handheld vac is a quick way to clean up dry messes in the cracks and crevices of the high chair), it is also easily removed for washing in the washing machine. The one hand removable tray features a dishwasher safe, pull-out insert.

Available exlusively at Walmart the Graco Table2Table highchair is an amazing value at just $99.99! In my humble opinion, that is an amazing price for 6 years of use.

To learn even more about the Graco Table2Table highchair, visit


Better For Breakfast Baby Led Weaning

Steamed Apples with Whole Grain Organic Toast

Baby Led Weaning Breakfast


Baby Led Weaning Steamed Apples with Whole Grain, Organic Toast
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  • ¼ - ½ apple sliced into quarter inch or narrower strips
  • 2-3 tbsp water
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • ½ piece of multi-grain organic bread (many local grocers now carry organic bread)
  • Butter


  • Place apple slices into small frying pan with water on medium-high heat.
  • Steam for 3-5 minutes. Apples should be soft, but not mushy or falling apart.
  • Lightly toast bread. Butter and cut the half piece into 2 – 1 inch strips. If your baby is more experienced with handling and chewing solid food, don’t worry about cutting the toast.


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