I’m Thrilled to be a Generation Graco Blogger! #ExtendTheTrip

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Thanks so much to Graco for sponsoring this announcement!

I’m kind of in love with baby gear. Just ask my sisters or my sisters-in-law…or you can just rifle through all the baby gear reviews on my site. LOL

I can’t help myself though. I grew up with 10 younger siblings. My entire youth was spent surrounded by babies and toddlers. My youngest brother is 16 years younger than myself, born when I was a senior in high school. Back in the day before the the ease of searching the internet for the latest and greatest, my mom was always on the cutting edge of all things baby. (My brother and I both had to ride in booster seats until we were 8! That was pretty revolutionary then.) Baby gear was no exception. Graco was a household name for us.

Here is my little brother circa 1992 with his Graco baby swing in the background. We always had a baby in the house so this baby swing (and those that followed after it) was a permanent fixture in our family room.

Spencer circa 1992

Fast forward decades a few years. My oldest is 9 years old. I’ve spent the last 9+ years researching the safety, durability, and practicality of every single baby item I’ve purchased or reviewed. It is a passion…perhaps an obsession.

I’m a Generation Graco Blogger!

Seeing all the new innovations coming from baby gear in the last several years is so exciting! And with that same excitement, I’m thrilled to announce that I’m one of the newest Generation Graco bloggers! As a Generation Graco Blogger, I’ll bring you the inside scoop on some of the latest and greatest baby gear from Graco. You’ll also get an inside peek at the operations at Graco headquarters! Stay tuned!

Make sure to visit the Graco Baby website to see what’s new!

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