Kidbox Style Delivery Service for Kids Puts the Happy Back in Shopping! #UnpackHappy

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I’m a big fan of hand-me-down clothes for my boys. Reduce, ReUse, Recycle, right?!

But those clothes have got to start somewhere, and I feel like I’m always shopping for clothes for my oldest. It’s either another season, or he’s grown out of his old clothes. I’m not a big fan of shopping in stores because it usually means dragging my oldest and my two younger sons–one of whom is a completely crazy, high-energy, all-over-the-place 3 year old–with me. Clothes shopping is not a pleasant experience.

When I was introduced by The Motherhood to Kidbox, I new immediately that I needed it in my life. Because I felt Kidbox would be helpful to lots of parents like myself, I decided to partner with The Motherhood and Kidbox to bring this blog post to you.

Kidbox Style Delivery Service for Kids

Kidbox has all the makings of the style delivery service for kids that every mom needs. I’m not just saying that. Seriously, it has everything I look for when shopping for clothes online and more!

  • Brand name clothing. You’ll find tasteful brand name clothing from brands like: 7 For All Mankind, Lucky Brand, U.S. Polo Assn., Paper Denim & Cloth, Diesel, and more.
  • Great savings. Each Kidbox comes with 6-7 items. If you choose to keep the entire box you pay only $98. That is between $14 and $16 per item for really great quality clothes!
  • Very little effort on my part! Not only do I not have to leave my home, I don’t even have to pick out the outfits! A professional stylist does that part for me. You, with your child’s input if you prefer, simply create a profile for your child with any clothing preferences, likes and dislikes, do’s and don’ts (i.e. no polka-dots, loves sports, etc.). This profile is saved on the site, and each season Kidbox will put together a new stylebox and send it to your child–the Kidboxes are always addressed to the child. I love this! My kids are always so excited when they get a package addressed to them.

Signing up and choosing our style preferences was super easy. I think it took all of about 3 minutes! And, to think that a shopping trip to purchase these clothes in a store would have probably taken me at least 2 hours including driving time.

Here is a look at what they sent…

Kidbox style delivery service for kids

Big Brother was super excited when he got his Kidbox in the mail! And, I am so impressed with the styles they sent! They fit our preferences perfectly!

Here are a few of the questions I had about Kidbox before receiving my first box:

What if I don’t like everything in the box?

You have the option of keeping only certain items. If you prefer to keep only certain items, you just pay for the items you are keeping (the prices are a bit higher than the $14-$16 per item when purchased a la carte).

What if something doesn’t fit?

Returns, as I found out, are very easy. I had an item that didn’t fit and an item that was defective. I contacted customer service via the form on the Kidbox website. They responded very quickly and kept in close email contact until the issue was resolved. They sent out replacements very quickly, and all I had to do was to ship the items I needed to return back with return label included with my Kidbox. I was so pleased with my customer service experience.

How often will I receive a box?

I was so excited when I learned that Kidbox ships each box seasonally! Just like I shop! They ship 5 times a year: spring, summer, back to school, fall, and holiday. They email you before they ship each box in case you need to update your child’s size or taste preferences.


Kidbox Cares Donation

Another really big benefit of “shopping” with Kidbox is that you’re helping give back to children in need. Each time you keep your entire box, Kidbox will donate an entire box of clothes to a child in need. You and your child can choose which cause to support, or you can let Kidbox choose for you. Big brother and I decided to send our first donation box to a child facing poverty. We hope to help donate many more boxes!Kidbox Cares Donation

You can learn more about Kidbox here.

Don’t Miss the Kidbox Giveaway!

To share the joy unpacking happiness together, Kidbox is giving away a year of clothes to one winner each month, plus each month they will also award outfits to an additional 5 children in need!

To Enter: Take a photo or video of your unique kid unpacking happiness—opening their Kidbox, a special gift they received, or sharing a special gift with a friend—and share it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #UnpackHappy, #Kidbox and @Kidbox (Instagram) or @KidboxFamily (Facebook).

Each month Kidbox will select one (1) winner to receive an entire year of Kidbox free (5 seasonal boxes of $98 each), and donate an additional 5 outfits to children in need! Kidbox will invite the winner to help them select which cause to send the donations to as part of their Kidbox Cares initiative. You can enter once per day each month for extra chances to win!

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Kidbox Style Delivery Service for Kids


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