LEGOLAND California! Tips to Save Money and Have a Blast!

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Spring and Summer are the perfect time to get your family out of the house and hit some fun destination spots! One of my favorite places to visit with my boys is San Diego, California. Having spent the first 20 years of my life in San Diego, it holds a very special place in my heart. Whenever we take a trip out to San Diego, we always try to go to at least one amusement park. This last trip out to San Diego my husband and I thought it would be fun to take our boys to LEGOLAND California! LEGOLAND California graciously provided us with a couple passes.

How to Save BIG Money and Tips to Have a BLAST at LEGOLAND California

About LEGOLAND California

LEGOLAND California is designed to be best enjoyed by kids ages 2-12. As we made our way through the park and through the rides I’d say that this is a fairly accurate age range. Given that our kids are ages 3-8, we figured they would be in their LEGO-loving elements at LEGOLAND!

LEGOLAND California theme park is over 100 acres with over 50 rides, shows, and attractions. In addition to the LEGOLAND California theme park, the LEGOLAND California Resort also includes the LEGOLAND Hotel, the LEGOLAND Waterpark, and the Sea Life® Aquarium all conveniently on one property.

We went on a Friday on a holiday weekend. We were a little concerned that LEGOLAND would be packed with people by the time we got there (I’m thinking Disneyland-type 45-minute line wait crowds), but the lines were very manageable. I’m pretty sure the longest we stood in any line was about 25 minutes. Most of the lines took only about 10-15 minutes to get through.

Legoland California

Tips for Saving Money at LEGOLAND California Resort:

  1. Purchase a Go City Card: If you are planning on stopping at multiple Southern California destinations, make sure to pick up a (affiliate link) Go City Card! This card is seriously awesome, you guys!  The Go City Card can save you up to 55% off your admissions. If you’re on vacation and looking for more great deals on places to visit, I can’t recommend this card enough. You can get entrance to LEGOLAND on both the San Diego Go City Card and the LA Go City Card.
  2. Check out the LEGOLAND California website for current deals! At the time I’m writing this, LEGOLAND California has a “Buy 1 day, Get 4 days FREE” on their website.
  3. Eat lunch before you go into resort: If you’re only going for one day, there are a TON of restaurants within a mile or two of LEGOLAND. We wanted to have more control over our lunch menu so we grabbed an early (really early) lunch at a really great hamburger place called The Burger Lounge (grass-fed!!), just outside the LEGOLAND California park. Of course, if you prefer the convenience of eating on property, LEGOLAND California Resort has several different dining options to choose from.

Tips for Having a Blast at LEGOLAND California Resort:

  1. Download the LEGOLAND California Resort height restrictionsThis made choosing which rides to ride, and in which order to ride them, so much easier. I was pleasantly surprised by how many rides even my 3 year old could ride!Legoland California roller coaster for kids
  1. Bring a stroller or rent one at the front of the park: If you have a child 4 and under, or a child who doesn’t handle a lot of walking well, you’re gonna want a stroller. My 3 year old really doesn’t like riding in a stroller anymore and hasn’t for a while, so I didn’t bring our stroller with us from Utah. Unfortunately, after just an hour in the park he decided (around his nap time) that he was done walking. Thankfully, the stroller rental at LEGOLAND California was quick, painless, and inexpensive, too!
  2. If you like to shop pay attention to this one! Any retail purchases made while you are in the park can be transferred to the park exit for you to pick up on your way home! I’d take advantage of this and not wait until the end of the day to do your LEGOLAND shopping. The shops get really crazy right before park closing.
  3. If you’re traveling with a baby: You can find a baby care center in Fun Town. The Model Mom Baby Care Center is equipped with rockers for nursing moms, a changing center with diapers, and a refrigerator and microwave for prepping baby’s meal.
  4. When you or the kids need some downtime, stop in at Duplo Playtown: You can sit down and rest for a minute while the kids make their own LEGO creations inspired by their day’s adventures.
  5. Don’t miss one of the 4D Shows! These are entertaining for the whole family and it is so fun to watch your kids react with awe to the 4D elements of the show.
  6. Make your own minifigure! Don’t leave the LEGOLAND California Resort without having your kids create their very own minifigure! With different heads, outfits, and accessories the options are very cool and very plentiful!LEGOLAND California minifigure building
  7. Shhh! This one is the best secret of all! Minifigure trading! Did you know that your kids can bring their own minifigures from home (or you can use minifigures you buy in the park) and trade them with LEGOLAND park employees for any of the minifigures they are wearing on their name tag.

Coming in May, the new LEGO® NINJAGO® World will add the new, high-tech NINJAGO® The Ride! Kids and grown-ups alike will have a blast throwing lightning bolts, moving shockwaves, sending ice soaring and emitting fire balls with a wave of their hands.

LEGOLAND California Ninjago



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