Skip the Training Wheels! Strider Balance Bike Review

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Skip the training wheels! STRIDER Balance Bike Review

STRIDER Balance Bike Review

We are a big outdoors family, which means my husband is excited for when our son can go out and do things with us, especially bike riding. So, when our son started getting older and enjoyed riding around on little cars, we thought it would be good to get him started on a little bike of his own. However, I was not excited to deal with training wheels and working to get him past that.

A friend of mine has two boys who ride around all the time on no-pedal bikes and they transitioned, fairly effortlessly, to regular bikes. I wanted to try it out myself and see how my son did with it!

We were super excited to do this STRIDER Balance Bike Review! As soon as we took the STRIDER Balance Bike  out of the box and put it together (which was very straight forward and took all of 2 minutes) my little 20 month old toddler jumped right on and started taking it around the house. Though I obviously don’t want to make that a habit, it was fun to see him so excited about his new pint-sized bike!


Since 2007 STRIDER Sports has been designing efficient, no-pedal balance bikes for all ages and abilities. The patented STRIDER Balance Bikes focus on balancing, leaning, and steering without the distractions and complications of pedals or training wheels. More than 1 Million STRIDER Bikes have been sold worldwide across more than 75 countries.

Our first time out was not that great. He easily got distracted and had a hard time figuring out that he needed to sit on the seat as he walked along. Though, with some time I know he will get the hang of it. The seat and handlebars are easily adjustable, no tools required. This is great for when we are out and realize that he needs the seat lowered or raised to match his preferred height.

strider balance bike

The STRIDER balance bike 12 Sport model is available in 7 different colors, and offers every feature a child (or parent) could want with custom grips, padded saddle, handlebar pad, and quick release clamps (no-tool adjustment). It is the perfect balance of performance, options, and value. More than eight years of design evolution and manufacturing improvements all packaged into one model. In addition, it comes with a second padded saddle and extra-long seat post to fit a taller, 3-5 year old child.

I love that the STRIDER Balance Bike can grow with our son. It will fit him until he is ready for a big boy bike, which I am confident will be easier to transition him to after getting used to balancing this bike on his own. Balancing always seems to be the issue with taking off training wheels, but STRIDER has found a way to help make that transition easier.

The STRIDER Balance Bike is best for ages 18 months to 5 years and retails for $119.99. You can purchase STRIDER Balance Bikes and STRIDER Balance Bike accessories (like snow skis for your child’s STRIDER balance bike!!!) at

STRIDER even makes balance bikes for older kids who still need balance practice! See below for balance bike options!

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  1. Thanks for a great review Dallas. We have a Strider in red and our little man loves it. He's still getting the hang of it but hopeful it will mean we won't need training wheels and that it will build his confidence. I love riding so can't wait to ride one day soon together. We have the red one - love your blue too!
    • Give him some time and he'll soon be cruising around the neighborhood! Once my middle son got the hang of his balance bike, it was so fun to watch how fast he could go. Thanks so much for stopping by to read the review and for taking the time to comment.
  2. When I search for something to give to kids, I make sure that is is safe first. Hearing or reading reviews like this helps a lot so I can choose the right toy to give for them. I can see that this is a good ride for kids. Hopefully, I can buy or get one for my little ones too.
  3. This is an excellent bike. I bought this bike for my son when he was 1.5 years old. He loved this bike very much. It is a great quality and excellent designed bike.