Six Easy Tips for Getting Baby to Sleep

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Six tips for getting baby to sleep

A couple weeks ago I talked about the importance of a sleep schedule for your infant or toddler. Today I wanted to revisit a few additional tips for getting baby to sleep.

Sleep deprivation is one of the hardest things to deal with as a new mom. You’re tired and drained, making your mood low, which in turn affects how your baby is feeling too. Generally speaking, the more disrupted the parent, the more disrupted the baby, and while it’s really important not to panic if you’re having trouble getting your baby to sleep, it’s a good idea to try and tackle any issues early on.

Tips for Getting Baby to Sleep

Create a “Sleepiness Scale

Professional sleep consultant Kim West advises that it’s best to put your little one down for the night when they’re drowsy, not fully asleep. This is because if they fall asleep on their own, they’re more likely to learn how to soothe themselves. Establish a sleepiness scale (1 being wide awake and 10 being fast asleep) and once your baby gets to around 7 or 8, it’s time to put him or her down for the night.

Change the lighting

If you’re having trouble getting your little munchkin to sleep at the right times, then try taking the baby out in the day when it’s bright and sunny. In the evening, when it’s time for him or her to go down, take them into their bedroom and dim the lights. If the baby wakes in the night, stay in the same room with the lights nice and low. This will help your child to learn that darkness = sleep!

Get the bedding right

Pillows and duvets aren’t appropriate for babies under a year old, so it’s important to stock up on light blankets and lots of cotton mattress sheets. Dr Harvey Karp, author of the popular baby & toddler guides/The Happiest Baby/, also recommends swaddling for babies who are having trouble sleeping, so it can be worth investing in a few good quality swaddling blankets.

Use white noise

Dr Karp also advises using low-pitched white noise for helping get your baby to sleep. While high-pitched noises are good for getting your baby’s attention or keeping them awake, low-pitched noises such as the sound of rain on a roof are great for gently lulling them to sleep.

Don’t add cereal to your baby’s bottle

It’s a common misconception that putting cereal in with your baby’s milk will help them get to sleep easier. It’s really important not to do this, even if you’re at your wit’s end, because as well as messing with their eating routine and potentially leading to overeating, this technique can also be a choking hazard. There’s also no evidence that it actually helps babies sleep better!

Make sure YOU are sleeping enough

Sleep is never a priority for new parents, but it’s so important to stay rested when you have a new baby. Share the load between both parents and when you’re feeling really exhausted, ask for help from family members and friends or look into hiring a nanny or a babysitter. When my husband was gone for 2 months, and I was having trouble getting my 6 month old to go to sleep at night, I hired a young neighborhood girl to come over each evening and put my other two boys to bed. This allowed me to create a better sleep routine for my infant. The better rested you are, the more calm and content your baby will be. And a calm and content baby is one that sleeps through the night!


As you try these tips for getting baby to sleep, your biggest allies will be patience and consistency. Once you establish your routine, stick with it. It may take up to a few weeks for your baby to become accustom to their new sleep schedule and routine. Keep in mind that different babies begin sleeping through the night at different ages. And, remember that the sleepless nights will not last forever.

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  1. Loved this article! I am a nanny to a family of three and expecting my first baby in October, the family I work for used this method with all three of their children and they started sleeping thru the night at about 3 months. I had already planned on following this method before reading this, but if I hadn't this would have convinced me!
  2. This is a very helpful article. I was very fortunate in the sense that I did not have a lot of problems with my kids who slept when they were supposed to. Today, they are young ladies. However, had it been the contrary, I would have followed these practical tips.
  3. Susan Ellis says
    I was another fortunate mother who had children that went to sleep and slept really well. However, there are so many young mums in society today and many of them have little or no support. This article gave practical suggestions that would benefit anyone that has a child with sleeping disturbances or difficulties. Becoming a first time parent is a hard task and most value all the advice they can get.
  4. Its hard enough getting enough sleep for yourself, thanks for helping understand how to put the baby to sleep in addition to that!
  5. Gosh i wish i knew some of this earlier, putting babies to sleep are the absolute worst! Life doesn't start until they sleep!
  6. Great. thanks for sharing this great article
  7. White noise machines actually masks out other more annoying sounds like the ticking of a clock or even noisy neighbors and gently soothes my baby to sleep. she napped better once we started using the white noise. We started using it for nights, and it even helped my husband sleep better when we still had her crib in our room.
  8. Awesome tips you shared about baby sleep. I am a mom, I will use your tips for my baby, For SURE. Thanks for it.