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We are finally getting family pictures done again! I’m so excited!

I suppose you’ll think it hasn’t been that long since we had our pictures done. The picture on my “About me” page was just taken last year. But no, I mean family pictures taken by a professional photographer, not a crazy mom who dresses her kids up in their Sunday best, hustles them out into formation in the fall, damp chill, and takes her own family pictures running back and forth from her tripoded camera to her place in the family formation frantically trying to look calm before the camera shutter clicks. No, that’s not the kind of family pictures I mean…

Family picture 2014

All things considered, they did turn out pretty well, kids goofy faces and all.

This year, I’m seriously excited for family pictures because I’ve hired an amazing photographer. I’ve been in love with her work for years. We’ve never had her take our pictures before because she is a Utah County photographer and we were in Texas and then Louisiana. I’m so glad we’re finally back in Utah and can have her do our family pictures!

One of the things I’m most excited about is getting a current family picture up in our living room again. I love having a beautiful canvas print of our family hanging in our living room. During the insane times, it reminds me just how wonderful my kids really are. 🙂

This year we will be ordering some of our Holiday Photo Gifts from

Meaningful Holiday Gifts From

Once we have our family pictures done I’m going to order a beautiful 16 x 20 gallery wrap photo canvas to hang in the living room of our new house (oops! I let it slip. We’re buying a house! If all goes as planned, we should move in right before Christmas).

One thing I’ve felt bad about for a while is the fact that my boys don’t have any pictures of my mom who passed away three years ago. They were very close to their “Grama Shell”, and I’ve always been sad that I don’t have any pictures of my mom for them. She was always a pro at evading the camera, but recently I found a few pictures on my phone of the last day I spent with my mom. I’m going to make my boys a photo gift with pictures of their Grandma Shell! I think a fleece photo blanket with these pictures so Grama Shell can keep the boys warm on cold nights will be perfect.

Fleece photo blanket

And, finally, because I’ve been meant to make a photo book for him for our last anniversary…in May. I am going to put together a wonderful hard cover photo book for The Husband. I’ll start right about where my last photo book left off, about 5 years ago. Gah! You can see just how wonderfully on top of things I am. Hard cover photo book


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Happy Holiday Memory Making!


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