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Disclosure: I was provided a Pley LEGO rental subscription in exchange for this blog post.

My boys love to play with LEGOs. Unfortunately, we only have a few LEGO sets because the big sets my son always asks for are just so expensive! We have bought him a few sets, but our general rule for gifts is “under $25”. This pretty much eliminates any intricate or cool LEGO sets.

Enter Pley LEGO Rental Subscription

If you’ve got kids, you’ve got toys…lots of them…spread everywhere. For years parents have rented pricey items like  musical instruments and textbooks. Now the focus is on toys…Pley toys!Pley LEGO rental

Pley is a LEGO rental service that delivers LEGO sets to your child’s door. Starting at just $19.99/month when registered for a 6-month subscription (or a mere $24.99 for a one month trial), kids can receive several kits each month as they play, return and repeat. The Builder and Master plan offers unlimited toys per month. Children keep the toy as long as they wish, then place everything in the return package and attach the prepaid return address label. Drop it in any US postal mailbox. Shipping is free with all memberships.

When we began our Pley LEGO rental, we had lots of fun picking out the sets that we wanted to add to our “My Pleylist”. Pley LEGO rental has 29 LEGO themes to choose from including: Star Wars, The LEGO Movie, The Hobbit, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Toy Story, Technic, Minecraft, Friends and Disney Princesses.Pley LEGO subscription sets

We went with a “Heavy-lift Helicopter” for our first rental. Well, to tell the truth, the 2 year old picked it out. He’s been completely obsessed with helicopters lately. The older two boys and I have been having fun putting it together. It has been a bit of a challenge keeping the 2 year old from losing the pieces–he loves to play with LEGOs just as much as his older brothers. He’s just not quite as good as they are at putting them back after he’s done.

Pley LEGO rental subscription

In between each rental, Pley LEGO rental sets are cleaned and sanitized in commercial grade washers using eco-friendly, kid-safe detergents. Machines also scan sets for missing pieces so pieces can be replaced before the LEGO sets go out to the next family.

To date, there are over 300,000 smart “pleyers” who browse through more than 400+ toys on the comprehensive website, Customers choose from hundreds of simple to ultra-complex LEGO sets, hot robotic toys like BB-8 or Dash, or Knex sets.

LEGO rental subscription from PleyParents can even donate their own old no longer used LEGO bricks to Pley. And when you donate your LEGO brickst to Pley you receive a $5 credit per pound of LEGOs you donate.

When you join Pley LEGO rental you’re helping Pley give back to parents and families in need. For each new member that joins Pley, Pley donates a toy to an underprivileged child in need.

Black Friday Sale Alert! From now until Monday, 11/30, new members get one month free when they sign up! Existing members get free months when the friends they invite sign up.

You can sign up for Pley at this link.



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