Best Baby Shower Gifts She Won’t Have to Re-Gift

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We’ve all been there, right? You were given so many wonderful baby shower gifts, and then there is that bag of gifts that sits in your closet because the clothes were the wrong season, your baby won’t take that brand of bottle, or that well meant gift just isn’t your style.

To avoid contributing to the re-gifting bag, think about giving one of the best baby shower gifts that every mom needs.

Best Baby Shower Gifts She Won't Have to Re-Gift

There are a few essentials that every parent needs. These items will make being a new parent more manageable and keep baby happier, healthier and safer. Many of the higher priced gift items are perfect for baby shower group gifts!

Best Baby Shower Gifts that Won’t Get Regifted

  • Car Seat that grows with baby
  • Baby Bouncer seat
  • Video baby monitor that pans the room, tracks room temperature, and has a talk to baby feature
  • Amber teething necklace (worn by the baby while teething to reduce teething discomfort and inflammation)
  • Wipeable bib with a food catching pocket
  • Good diaper pail
  • Grows with the baby washable playard
  • Baby carrier that allows baby’s legs to be spread wide for healthy hip development
  • Alcohol and Fragrance-free baby wipes with aloe

Items such as bibs, amber teething necklaces, and diapers and wipes are great if you want to get one of the best baby shower gifts, but are on a budget. I generally tend to go with either a group gift contribution or diapers or wipes. If you’re not sure if your friend will cloth diapering their baby or using disposables you can still get a case of Huggies Natural Care wipes.

When I cloth diapered I often used cloth wipes at home, but, when I was out and about, disposable wipes were definitely easier. And, as everyone who has ever cared for kids knows, there is a myriad of uses that wet wipes come in handy for–from sticky hands and faces to wiping up car seats to cleaning up dirty shoes (okay, so I have to admit that I’ve been using wipes for this since I was a kid!).

The new Huggies Natural Care wipes, available exclusively at Sam’s Club, allow moms to handle all the messes that come with being a new mom while making a cute fashion statement at the same time. Each Huggies Natural Care wipes case at Sam’s Club comes with a wipe clutch. When you’re running to change a messy diaper and you’ve got your hands filled the baby, diaper, burp cloth, and diaper bag just use the loop to hang the cute Huggies Natural Care wipes clutch on your wrist and go!

I made a stop at Sam’s Club the other day and picked up a case of Huggies Natural Care Wipes with the wipes clutch. Isn’t the clutch so cute?! I can definitely keep this in my car or purse without worrying about it infringing on my style. 😉

Huggies #ClutchStyle wipes clutch

The Huggies Natural Care wipes case at Sam’s Club comes with a wipe tub, 4 refill packs, and the cute #clutchstyle wipes clutch. All that totals 864 wipes…that should last you a while. 🙂 Grab your Sam’s Club membership card and head on over to Sam’s Club to snag a case while supplies last.

Oh, and until November 20th when you purchase a case of Huggies wipes and a case of Huggies Diapers you get $10 offSweet!


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