De-Junk Halloween! Better for You Halloween Treat Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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Thanks so much to Annie’s Homegrown, Nutiva, and Bitsy’s Brainfood for the delicious samples at ShiftCon and beyond!

I have to admit, I’m not always a think ahead kind of person. I can never think far enough ahead to order special Halloween candy for my kids online. There is one week left until halloween and I just barely ordered the last of our costumes. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime two day shipping!

30+ Better-for-You Halloween Treats for Trick-or-Treating! These can all be purchased last minute in stores!

When you get right down to the wire like we are now, it can be hard to think of non-junk Halloween Candy Options. It is easy to just swing by the store and pick up a variety bag of whatever junky candy is next to the cash register. So, I hoped it might be helpful if I compiled some of my kids favorite better for you Halloween treat ideas and non-food Halloween treats. All of the options listed below are tried and 100% approved by my boys.

While I don’t consider all of the edible ideas below “healthy” options–some people like to throw that word around like candy (pun intended)–they are definitely better for you than most of the Halloween candy marketed today. In fact, the Bitsy’s Brainfood Spooky Snacks are organic, nut-allergy safe, and are baked with fruits and vegetables.

All of these can be purchased in your local stores. I’ve tried to list the stores where each brand is available. I’ve also included links to the product on Amazon in case you just prefer to purchase there anyway (I’ll get a small commission if you purchase through these links). You can also find some of these brands at Thrive Market (it’s online wholesale membership club for all natural and organic products. My membership fee paid itself off in just two separate purchases!).

30+ Last Minute Better for You Halloween Treat Ideas for Trick-or-Treating:

Better-for-you Halloween Candy:


Non-Candy Food Treats:


Non-Food Treats (Most of these can be found at party stores or in the party section of mass merchandise stores):

  • Pirate eye patches (8 for $2 at Target–party section)
  • Stick-on mustaches
  • Glow bracelets (15 for $1 at Target–dollar area)
  • Slime (5 for $1 at Target–dollar area)
  • Temporary tatoos
  • Stickers
  • Tiny Play-doh 
  • Halloween Pencils
  • Mini bubbles
  • Mini Stamps
  • Balloons
  • Fake Vampire teeth
  • Sticky eyeballs or sticky hands (a favorite of my boys’)
  • Spinning tops
  • Bouncy balls
  • crazy straws
  • mini note pads
  • Halloween pencils
  • spider rings


If you’re looking for Fun, Healthy Halloween Treats at home check out this post: Healthy Halloween Treats for Kids!


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