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My friend teddy

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I introduced you to My Friend Cayla?  She was a fun interactive doll! If you haven’t heard about her you should check out My Friend Cayla review here.  We had so much fun with Cayla that I knew my kids would love My Friend Teddy, too.  And they do!

You keep your kids entertained for hours with My Friend Teddy!

My Friend Teddy is an interactive teddy bear. Your kids can turn Teddy on and just play and giggle–Teddy loves to be tickled. 🙂  If you download the My Friend Teddy app on iTunes or GooglePlay to your smart phone there are so many play options–stories, songs, and talking, playing and giggling.

Getting Started:

First, like all toys these days you gotta put in the batteries.  3 AA.  Not too hard.  Next, download the app to your phone or tablet.  That one wasn’t hard either.  But the next step was very, very tedious. When you first set up the app you have to set up all your child’s information: name, age and favorite foods and colors.  This wasn’t a hard task to do, but it did take a lot of time.  There were 5 pages of questions to answer! The more information Teddy has the more he can interact with your child so I went ahead and answered all the questions.

Unfortunately, before we even had the chance to play the app got deleted (completely by accident) from a certain little one with cute little fingers!  🙂 So, I had to add the app again, and I had to enter all that information again. 🙁  Not fun at all.  By this time my child couldn’t wait any longer to play.

When we were finally ready to play I couldn’t get the Bluetooth to work. My husband said that I needed to do the update.  So I did.  And it deleted the app again and I had to restore everything.  Again!  Yup, I got to answer all those questions.  Again.  I love technology, but sometimes I really want to curse its name.  Before anything else could happen I was determined to let my daughter play with My Friend Teddy.

Play time:

My daughter absolutely loves Teddy! She really could be entertained for hours with him.  She loves the books and games, but her favorite are the songs.  She just sings and sings with Teddy.  They sing “Twinkle, twinkle little star and I’m a little Tea Pot” and so many more!  She seriously loves My Friend Teddy.

playing with teddy

Check out this screen shot of ways to play.

my frined teddy app

There are a lot of educational pros that come from playing with My Friend teddy.  First, you can pick English or Spanish.  Teddy helps build motor skills and language development, via learning games and counting exercises. The games and exercises are offered in ascending levels of complexity. As your child gets older, you can adjust the learning levels.

Final Thoughts:

My Friend Teddy set up was pretty annoying. Even with all the hassle of the set up, it really made it better to play with, and I’m glad I finally got it going.  She loves to play with My Friend Teddy and I feel like she’s learning things.  The games are great for teaching her problem solving and facts.  I do suggest My Friend Teddy if you are in the market for an interactive stuffed animal.  Just learn from my mistakes and make sure your phones and tablets are all updated before you get started 🙂 My daughter loves him and My Friend Teddy would make a great gift for birthdays or holidays.

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  1. I don't think I would like something like this. What if it got hacked and someone else started saying things?
  2. I like that it is a plush! I'm not sure about getting hacked, but I would think it's possible there are a lot of bad ppl on the internet. But the educational apps and songs would be awesome on their own.