A Smart Doll? Meet the New My Friend Cayla Doll! – Review

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My Friend Cayla LogoWhen I first had my daughter eight years ago, I quickly learned that dolls were the ideal play thing.  Now with two girls we have so many different types around the house I can’t go more than a few steps with out having to step over one or two! Bath dolls, hair dolls, barbie dolls, baby dolls, princess dolls and so many more! When I was introduced to the new My Friend Cayla doll, I knew my daughters would be ecstatic to try her out!

Meet Cayla!

Cayla descriptionWhat makes My Friend Cayla so much fun is that she’s a real talking doll–a smart doll! My daughters can’t get enough of play time with Cayla! They definitely have found a new friend in their My Friend Cayla doll.

playing with cayla

My oldest daughter (age 8) loves talking to her, asking her questions and playing games with her.  My youngest daughter (age 3) just likes to carry her around, brushing her hair and reading stories with her.

About Cayla

Here are a few things that I learned from playing with Cayla.

  • You first have to have the app on an electronic device.  They have both an apple or android app and it is free.
  • It works best if you turn her on, then turn on the bluetooth, and then open the app.  Kinda tricky but then she works great.
  • We get her to work best in a quiet room.  Once she is turned on she will work anywhere in our house.
  • She has a pink heart necklace that will light up so you know that she is turned on and ready to listen and play.
  • You can adjust the volume through your phone and on Cayla herself. You can also adjust how much she talks.  In the beginning, Cayla would talk so much my daughter wouldn’t have a chance to say anything, so we adjusted that setting.
  • My daughter has other 18 inch dolls that we have been able to share clothes with. If you do put other clothes on her, keep in mind that you might not have access to her back to turn her on and off.
  • The only negative we have had so far is that the app is on my phone so the kids can only use it if I give up my phone! I’ve had to learn to share 🙂 It would be nice if they could use it with their kindle.  I’m really hoping they will develop more apps in the future.

Here is a glance at what the app screen looks like:

My friend Cayla app

There are games–tic tac toe and memory–and stories you can play with her.  She also can connect to a kid safe website for more information.  As much fun as those are, honestly, my daughter’s favorite thing is to just sit and talk to her.  Some times the questions and answers are a little off–kinda like when you are talking to on the iPhone to Siri! But they still have fun asking questions to get to know each other and listening to stories. I’m willing to bet My Friend Cayla is going to be a big hit come Christmas this year!

You can find out more about My friend Cayla on their website, facebook, and even watch a video on youtube.


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