Finally, a Mess-Free Way for Babies and Toddlers to Eat Independently! Pouch Pal Review

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Pouch Pal, baby food pouch caseIt was one of those days when I was trying to fit all my weekly errands in before lunch time and my toddler’s nap time.

I had to go to the craft store, about 20 minutes from my house. I decided that, in order to make the rest of the week more pleasant, I’d also go to the grocery store that was right next to the craft store. And, because our recyclables were piled half-way up to our garage ceiling, I’d also stop by the recycle center which was also in that area (why, oh, why is Louisiana so behind the times about home recycling pick-up!).

Oh, how I later regretted cramming all those errands into one trip. For whatever reason, my toddler was particularly surly that day.  Little Z (the toddler) was nearing his last straw as we left the craft store, and pretty much lost it when I told him we had to stop at the recycle center before we headed home. To stave off his hunger and pacify him I strapped him into his car seat and handed him one of the baby food pouches–a favorite of my two youngest kiddos–that I had just purchased at the grocery store.

What happened next made this exhausted mama almost cry. When I got to the recycle center I discovered that my toddler had decided he would rather play with his food pouch than eat from it. The food was all over him–in his hair, on his clothes, on his shoes–and all over his car seat!

That is exactly why the Pouch Pal baby food pouch case is so awesome! I can’t wait until this thing hits store shelves!

Pouch Pal features

Pouch Pal is the mom-invented, non-squeezable, mess-preventing, cap-keeping, time-saving food pouch case. Simple, ingenious, and stylish, Pouch fits in a cup holder and has a built-in space on bottom to hold the food pouch cap. Pinch and push technology is the key to avoiding annoying vacuum seals. Say goodbye to readjusting, sliding, pinching, rolling, or curling the food pouch. No pouch Olympics necessary.

I just have to say that I am so in love with the Pouch Pal! I only wish I had this sooner. Check out my video review:

Getting every last bit of food out may take a bit of getting used to, especially for younger babies who are still developing their sucking power. If you find your baby can’t get all the food out of the pouch, simply open the Pouch Pal, roll up the pouch and close the Pouch Pal again. Your baby should get used to sucking all the food out on their own pretty quickly.

Toddler using Pouch Pal

Want to see Pouch Pal on store shelves?

Head over and check out the Pouch Pal Kickstarter Page to support Pouch Pal and reserve your own Pouch Pal! The Pouch Pal Kickstarter launches July 20th so put it on your calendars! You don’t want to miss this one!


Pouch Pal baby food pouch case

This is exactly why the Pouch Pal baby food pouch case is so awesome! I can’t wait until this thing is available on July 20th.

Update! Pouch Pal Now Available

You can now purchase the Pouch Pal on and at the Pouch Pal website.


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