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COOLA Sun and Skincare products

Well, folks. It’s that time of year again. It is getting nice and warm outside. Just makes you want to go jump in a pool…or a river…or the ocean.

It is this time of year that I’m always reminded that I need to go get my skin checked. Ever since having a large basal cell carcinoma removed 5 years ago I have to have regular skin checks. I’d been having some issues with spots on my back so I arranged for a visit to the dermatologist. Ironically, the spots that had been bothering me resolved themselves, but the doctor found two other moles he wanted to have biopsied. (I sometimes feel like skin doctors become positively giddy when they see my back. The sheer number of moles I have is a dermatologist’s dream. We can cut out 5 or 6 and she’ll still have plenty left over.)

Not surprisingly, the biopsy results came back showing abnormal cells. The moles will have to come out. This will bring the scar count on my back to 6. It is just as well. Keeps me from being vain. 🙂

Over the years I’ve had several conversations with my dermatologists about the causes of all of my moles and my basal cell carcinoma. It would seem that both heredity as well as the numerous sunburns I had as a beach-going kid in San Diego contribute heavily to my skin issues. Had I been a better sunscreen user my heredity skin issues would likely not have been a big deal.

But I was not a great sunscreen user. And, now I am paying the price. As a result, I make sure I put on sunscreen if I plan on being out in the sun for longer than about 40 minutes. When I’m at a higher altitude (like when in Utah) I can only go for about 30 minutes in the sun without sunscreen.

Because I care about the health of my skin, I now look for products that will give me broad UVA and UVB coverage and that are formulated with as many natural ingredients as possible.

Coola Suncare Products

COOLA luxury sun care products offer sun protection for a range of skin types and lifestyles; our products are uniquely formulated for different parts of the body – from the sensitive nature of FACE and LIPLUX, to the versatile BODY, and the demands of SPORT.

COOLA CLASSIC SUNSCREENs contain the latest FDA approved non-mineral (chemical) actives, however our active levels are as low as one seventh of our competitor’s levels. We achieve this reduction through the use of natural phyto-protectors (derived from ingredients like plankton) and a recently patented organic emulsifier ‘Hydresia O’, extracted from Safflower Oil. COOLA Classic Sunscreens are the EWG’s highest-ranking non-mineral lotion and spray sunscreens. These prestige, weightless formulations include options that are water resistant up to 80 minutes.

Learn from my experiences and don’t wait until you’ve had several bad sunburns before you become a religious sunscreen user. Studies suggest that a person’s risk for melanoma–the most serious form of skin cancer–doubles if he or she has had five or more sunburns!  <—That is why I go in for regular skin checks at the dermatologist. I’ve probably had about 6-8 really bad sunburns.

My husband and I used the COOLA sun care sunscreens when we went to the air show at our local Air Force base on Saturday. I love having the convenience of a spray on sunscreen like the COOLA Sport, and I also love that, unlike most sunscreen spray brands, it still ranks safe on the EWG’s Skin Deep Database.

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If you’re a low maintenance kind of girl like me, I highly recommend the COOLA Face SPF 30 Matte Tint sunscreen. I don’t usually wear foundation because I don’t like how it looks (too thick), and I don’t like the feel of it on my face. But sometimes I do want a little bit of coverage. The COOLA Face Matte Tint went on so smooth and sheer I couldn’t even tell it was anything other than ordinary sunscreen after it was on. My face felt like it could breathe.

COOLA Face Matte sunscreen

Make sure you check out the great sun science sun facts on the COOLA website!

Learn from my experiences and don’t wait until you’ve had several bad sunburns before you become a religious sunscreen user. Studies suggest that

Find out more about COOLA sun care at  You can purchase COOLA sun care products at a variety of online and local retailers.





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  1. Janet W. says
    I'd love to try this brand for the first time! I, too, have had spots removed so sun care is really important to me and my family.
  2. nicole dziedzic says
    This is a awesome sunscreen line, I love that they have sunscreen spray, my favorite to through in my beach tote.