Margaux and May Swaddle Blankets that Grow with Your Baby

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My baby is BIG!!! And I mean big! As a mother of now four children, ranging from 11 years to 4 months, I have been through plenty of baby items. But the item that I have the most experience with are blankets. Big, small, thick, thin, pink, blue, old, new…I’ve had them all!

With my last baby, born 4 months ago, it seemed that the muslin fabric is trending and the idea of a breathable thinner blanket for my southern baby made sense. So I bought some gender neutral muslin blankets from Target. I liked these blankets as they were light weight and allowed me to swaddle my new baby well. BUT…not for long! She grew out of them so quickly.

As mentioned at first, my baby is big. Almost 18 pounds at her 4 month check up! So the muslin swaddle blankets were only now applicable as burp cloths. Thankfully, our new Margaux and May swaddle blankets have been a lifesaver!

Margaux and May Swaddle blanket

Margaux and May swaddle blankets are wonderful!!

These blankets have are a gender-neutral print that is sophisticated enough for an adult. The prints are fun and are so different and unique. They are very breathable and are high quality. These are not your typical baby only blankets, but will definitely be able to be used for a much longer time! Our customers tell us they absolutely love the prints and that it is nice to see something different.

The Margaux and May organic cotton muslin blankets are huge–47 inches by 47 inches to be exact–which is great for my giant baby to be swaddled in! The size also makes the Margaux and May blankets great to lay her on for tummy time and play time. When I’m out and about I can use them to cover her car seat with. And if I’m in need of a nursing cover, the Margaux and May swaddle blankets make great nursing covers. I love that I don’t have to worry about being covered. There is more than enough blanket to provide coverage.

Margaux and May swaddle blanket size

The organic cotton is so soft that even the baby grabs it and rubs it against her face! The fabric breaths well and washes and dries beautifully. I also enjoy the unique patterns of the fabric. It seems to throw some people off with its lack of “pink for girl” stereotype, but the feathers and the cheetah print are uber-modern and fun.

The Margaux and May swaddle blankets are far superior to the other swaddle blankets I originally bought. I would definitely recommend these blankest for babies of all sizes. We will be using these blankets for a long time to come!


I’d like to thank our guest reviewer, Brianna, for her awesome review of the new Margaux and May swaddle blankets! You can check out more about them at


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  1. nicole dziedzic says
    Love that they are organic cotton and the size is pretty amazing, great quality that will last a long time.