How to Create a Seaside Themed Bathroom on a Dime

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Your bathroom is often the first thing that greets you when you wake up in the morning. Having a calm, light, relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom can help you start you day off on the right foot. It is important to create a mood that works for you.

I grew up near the coast. I love the ocean, so when deciding how to decorate my master bathroom I went with a sea theme. My husband and I haven’t been big decorators thus far in our marriage because we’ve moved around so much. But there came a point when I just got so tired of my bathroom being drab. Having a drab, boring bathroom just made me depressed every time I went into the bathroom.

A few inexpensive additions was all it took to give it a fresh and relaxing feeling.

Creating a seaside themed bathroom on a dime

Here are a few tips to creating a Seaside themed bathroom on a dime:

  1. When looking for functional elements like tissues (because you must have tissues readily available in the bathroom) look for these Kleenex Perfect Fit tissues. They’re available at Sam’s Club until May 31st!Kleenex Perfect Fit Tissues
  2. This is simply my personal preference, but if you don’t invest in reusable soap bottles (I don’t, they’re pretty pricey), use clear bottles with no print on the bottle. I use Method soap and love the chic, clean look of the clear bottles.
  3. Look for accessories and decor that incorporate things you’d find at the seaside: driftwood, shells, sand dollars, and more. Look for bathroom decor in relaxing colors: light blues, yellows, and grays.
  4. When you’re looking for items to decorate your bathroom, stores like Ross, TJ Maxx, and Marshall’s are great places to look. They have an great eclectic assortment of inexpensive decor that you’d be hard pressed to find at other stores.
  5. Sometimes less is more. A bathroom is one room in the house where less is definitely more. For a relaxing spa-like vibe, resist the urge to overdecorate.

Here is what you’ll need to create your perfect seaside themed bathroom:

Sea Foam Bubbles:

Seaside themed bathroom supplies

  • Set of 3 hurricane glass candle holders (I got these for just a few dollars each at a local craft store)
  • Iridescent beaded garland (how much you need will depend on the length of your strands and the size of your candle holders)
  • Light colored mini glass ball ornaments (I just used a set I’d bought at Christmas, but never used)

Putting it all together couldn’t be easier! Simply layer the garland and ornament balls…

Creating a seaside themed bathroom

And your final product will look something like this!

Seafoam bubbles in Hurricane glass

If you have a large, two sink counter top you’re going to want a large hurricane glass vase and a bag of coastal potpourri. The potpourri was probably the most expensive element in the bathroom redo. If you find it on sale somewhere or at one of the stores I mentioned above, bonus!

Simply pour the potpourri into the vase. You may find you need to arrange some of the larger items to get just the right look. Add his and hers Kleenex Perfect Fit tissues on either side for a cute, yet functional touch.

Seaside bathroom decor

A little sailboat made of driftwood adds the perfect finishing touch!

Creating a seaside spa bathroom

Kleenex Perfect Fit tissues are the perfect cute & functional addition to any space in your house! Find out how you can take advantage of the excellent deal on Kleenex Perfect Fit tissues at Sam’s Club here!


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  1. nicole dziedzic says
    Awesome tips! And I am so in love with the little sailboat made of driftwood. Super cute addition to the decor!