Awesome Anniversary Staycation Ideas

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Awesome Anniversary Staycation IdeasSometimes you need a vacation but you’re just not in the mood to spend a lot of money or spend a lot of time and energy traveling. For these circumstances, a staycation is the perfect solution. Summer is around the corner and with it, many anniversaries. For your anniversary, you might feel pressured to do something really grand and over-the-top, but chances are a carefully planned and lovingly organized anniversary staycation might just suit you and your spouse better and your finances won’t take such a hit.

Scope Out Your Own Neighborhood

One of the most fun parts of taking an anniversary staycation is getting to find out new things about your own familiar surroundings. Before you plan out your anniversary weekend, take stock of all of the fun things there are to do inyour own neighborhood and come up with a list of fun activities that are within a 30-45 minute drive. Act like you are newly dating again and think of fun date ideas you can do in your area. Things to consider:

  • Is there a restaurant in your area you’ve been wanting to try? Maybe something that’s a bit out of your normal price range? Make reservations in advance for one of the nights of your staycation.
  • Alternatively, visit your local farmer’s market and pick up some fresh veggies and make a nice meal!
  • What are the unique activities and venues in your hometown? Is your town known for its surfing, hiking, or good food? Figure out what events and activities make your neighborhood unique and plan a day or two of visiting a bunch of these interesting sites. Sign up for a class in something like surfing or cooking to compliment the trip.
  • Do you have a list of things you always mean to do in your area but never get a chance to do them? Finally take the time to stop for lunch in the park or take the time to check out the new museum exhibit you’ve been meaning to see.Natchitoches Carriage Tour
  • Is there anything special going on in your area for the weekend? An interesting concert or a play in the park? Take advantage of local events to do something unique and special.

Channel your Wedding Night

Wedding photoOne great way to make your anniversary staycation really special is to call up the fun and excitement of your wedding. Dress up your house in decor reminiscent of your wedding decorations. Copy the color scheme of your wedding and get out any of the old decorations you still have. Get a bouquet of roses for your centerpiece or for the bedroom. Have some of your favorite wedding photos enlarged and use them as wall decorations for the occasion. Buy some hanging lanterns or get out some candles to make your backyard or dining room feel more romantic.

Reconnect Over a Hobby

Do you and your spouse have something you love to do but find you rarely have time to do it anymore? Make the time to do all of the hobbies you love and to do all of the activities you don’t have time for with full-time jobs and a family to take care of.  Take a hike together. Go to the park and play a game of tennis. Go for a swim. Go book shopping and choose a book to read together for your own two-person book club. Buy some paintbrushes and a canvas, and do a collaborative painting together.

Canvas Painting Anniversary Staycation ideas

Take the Time to Catch Up With You Partner

For people who work full-time and have families to take care of, sometimes all you really want to do is catch up with your regular life! Consider hiring a babysitter for the weekend. Let yourselves sleep in as late as you want in the morning. Go out for brunch. Catch up on the little (but fun!) chores you’ve wanted to take care of, like gardening. Catch up on the reading you’ve been wanting to do. Watch the movies you want to watch with no input from the kids. Take the time to catch up with your spouse!
Anniversary Staycation ideas relaxing at homeDo small activities around the house together that you love to do. Buy a joint anniversary gift for the two of you to enjoy like a vintage turntable and listen to your favorite records together. Just hang out, make some cookies, and talk! These kinds of valuable moments of communication are the things that make a strong relationship.


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  1. nicole dziedzic says
    I love the idea of buying some paintbrushes and a canvas, and do a collaborative painting together. Great way to get creative together. And then you can have it forever as decor.