Ways to Save Money on Baby Items + Free Baby Gear Promo Codes!

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How to save money on Baby Gear, plus free baby carriers, nursing covers, and more!

Whether you’re a first time mom or a mom on a budget, you know that the cost of having a baby can quickly add up. According to this article on Parenting.com parents will spend roughly $12,000 on child-related expenses during their baby’s first year of life. Bravo to the parents who can afford that sum, but most parents today simply don’t have that kind of money. It is more important than ever for parents to find ways to save money on baby items.

A lot of these tips I picked up when I was a first time mom. My husband was a grad student and we were pretty poor as far as students go. I quickly learned how to find great deals and save money on baby items. I found out that buying used is pretty cool. And I learned that saving bits here and there can quickly add up.



Here are my top tips on how to save money on baby items!

1. Let your friends know you are looking for baby items: Because they are generally only used for a few months to a year or so before the baby grows out of them, used baby items can often be found in excellent condition. Let your mom-friends know that you are in search of baby items. You’d be surprised how helpful your friends can be at helping you secure great-condition, used baby gear for free or cheap. Some of the hand-me-down items I received when I had my first child, I was still using on my 3rd child!

2. Keep track of you local Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade pages: If your area is anything like my area you can find some pretty awesome baby gear deals! I saw an $900 stroller listed on a local Facebook b/s/t page a couple weeks ago for just $150! Low and mid-price range items are even more of a steal! Craigslist and Freecycle can be great resources as well.

3. Take advantage of internet freebies! There are lots of great offers out there for free baby gear! Whether you’re looking for baby items for your own new arrival or your stocking up for friends’ baby showers, make sure you take advantage of these great offers.  They all charge a shipping fee, but even with the fee you’re still going to be saving a bundle of money. My sister-in-law recently took advantage of some these offers and was so happy she did.

Click on the picture above to take advantage of the offer. (I get a small commission when you do so THANK YOU!!!) You can use each of the free baby gear promo codes as many times as you want just make sure you open a new window each time.

4. Wait until after baby arrives to buy most of the baby clothes: Most first time parents I know stare at their infant’s wardrobe with disbelief at the number of never worn outfits their child has already outgrown. Put the brakes on the clothes buying until after your baby shower when you know how much your child is really going to need.

5. Check in at your local children’s consignment shop: I really like consignment shops for purchasing clothes and shoes. Most consignment shops are really picky about quality and brand. After your child grows out of all the newborn clothes you got at your baby shower hit your local consignment shop and take a look.

6. Consider cloth diapers: Modern cloth diapers are different than the safety pin and plastic pants in the days of our parent’s generation. Modern cloth diapers are cute, easy to clean, and will save you several hundred dollars for your first child, and over $1000 for each child that uses them after! Imagine not having to spend $50 dollars a month on diapers.

Myths and Misconceptions about Cloth Diapers 2

7. Join rewards programs: If you decide cloth diapering isn’t right for your family, make sure you join Pampers Rewards and Huggies Rewards. These programs allow you to earn rewards on the diapers you purchase. You can then cash in these rewards for free diapers, baby toys, and more.

8. Keep your eye on baby deal websites: My absolute favorite websites for baby gear deals are Zulily and BabySteals.com. I’ve purchased from both sites numerous times. One tip: when purchasing from Zulily make sure you are buying brand-name items. I’ve purchased some generic type or cheapie brand items and have received items with major defects.

9. Think twice about spending big bucks on items big items like the crib and strollers: I hate to break it to you, but your kid isn’t going to care that you spent $600 on their new crib. They’re still going to do everything in their power to gnaw at any and every exposed piece of wood on their crib. For big items like the stroller and crib, if you have the means, shoot for mid-price-range brands. Once you hit a certain price range you’re paying more for the bells and whistles. Mid-price baby gear also resells very well.

10. Make your own baby food or consider doing baby-led weaning: While it isn’t technically baby gear you’re saving money on here, going with either of these options will save you considerable amounts of money. When I had my first son, I never even considered that it was possible for me to make baby food for him. I’d fed babies countless meals throughout my life and the puree always came from a jar. But when I became a mom, I quickly discovered just how quick the money spent on those jars of food adds up. The larger jars are almost $1 for what, 6 ounces of food?! Don’t even get me started on the cost of organic baby food. Purchase a set of reusable baby food pouches, steam some fresh fruit or veggies, puree them in your blender or magic bullet, and voila! You’ve just saved yourself hundreds of dollars. OR you can take the route that we took and just feed your baby table foods from the get-go. Check out my post on the ins and outs of baby led weaning.

I’m sure there is more great advice out there about how to save money on baby gear! What would you add?




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