Gynoii WiFi Video baby monitor with Time-Lapse Review

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Gynoii Smart Video Baby Monitor

I’m super excited to share this video baby monitor! I’ve reviewed a few baby monitors in the past and they just keep getting better. The Gynoii Smart Video Baby is the first video baby monitor to be equipped with time-lapse recording and built-in social sharing.

Little Z was one of those early climbers. His crib climbing ventures began when he was about 18 months. With no warning, one evening at about 9pm, an hour and a half after I put him to bed, our toddler appeared before us in the living room wanting to watch television with us.

With the help of a video baby monitor we were able to teach him to stay in his crib. However, a few months ago Little Z decided he was tired of waiting for me (or his older brother) to come get him out of his crib in the morning and began climbing out himself. For two months I put off taking the crib rail off. I was so afraid that once I did, Little Z would realize he now had free reign of his bedroom. *I realize that it is a bit risky to let a toddler climb out of his crib on a regular basis, but have you seen our kids climbing wall? Little Z regularly climbs to the top of that thing.

  • Check on baby while at home or away–Perhaps one of my favorite features is the ability to check on your baby while on your mobile network. You can view baby on your tablet or smartphone via your home WiFi while you are home and on your mobile network when you are away.
  • Two-Way talk–This is a feature I consider a MUST for baby monitors. As your baby gets older, you can give them the “what for” or calmly reassure them without ever having to enter the room. Also, because the two way talk is a part of the app on your device, anyone who is logged in on your app account can talk to the baby. That means if dad or mom is away on business they can log in and say goodnight, sing a lullaby, or have an impromptu video chat.
  • Lullaby Music–This feature what just kind of “meh” for me. The play wasn’t smooth. Our internet is high speed, but there would be a slight break in the music every few seconds or so. I’m not a fan of digital sounding music anyway.
  • Sound & Motion Alert–The monitor will send an alert to your device when baby moves or makes a noise. You have the ability to set the sensitivity of the sound and motion alert. Once the volume of baby crying is higher than a certain decibels, the system will send a sound notification to the mobile. The user can immediately click on the alert and check the live video of the baby.
  • Optional Audio Only Mode–If you are working on your device and still want to monitor your baby you can switch to audio only mode. You’ll then be able to use other apps on your phone or tablet and still listen to your baby.
  • Snapshot, Video, and Time-Lapse Recording–I love the ability to take pictures and record video of my baby via the Gynoii video baby monitor! I shared one of the videos I took the other afternoon of Little Z trying to get his blanket all situated for his nap. He got a nice chuckle out of it.
  • Share to Social Media–The Gynoii video baby monitor app allows you to share the photos and videos you take to friends and family over social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Unfortunately, at this date, the social media sharing feature is only available on Android and is not supported on iOS.
  • Ability to use several cameras on one network–If you have children in multiple rooms, or want to use these as nanny cams, it is suggested that typical household bandwidth can support up to 4 cameras.
  • Multiple Remote Viewers at same time–This is one of the coolest features of the Gynoii baby monitor. You can share your account with family members, and via the Gynoii Baby App, they can login and view your baby. Up to 4 users can log in and see the baby at the same time. Update 4/14/15: To address security concerns about having all features accessible to those you share the account with, the developers have added/are adding a guest account option. Guests will have their own password and will not be be able to turn on the music or activate the “talk” button.

Safety Tip: This last point I covered is wonderful for sharing precious baby moments with grandparents or other close family members, but when you always want to consider the safety of your baby and family when allowing others to access your camera. With the sharing capabilities that the Gynoii video baby monitor has, only my husband and I will share the app login. We can then share videos and snapshots we make with family members or post them on social media. If you do share your login with family members outside your immediate family it may be wise to unplug your monitor when not in use.

Here is a review of the Gynoii baby monitor in action…

At just under $100 on the Gynoii Baby Video Monitor is an absolute steal for the all features it has.

The only feature I really wish it had is the ability to remotely adjust the baby monitor view (turn it right, left, up, down, etc.). This feature, however would likely put the baby monitor in a higher price range.

Gynoii Smart Video Baby Monitor



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