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What is a menstrual cup, and why women are raving about the SckoonCup

When I started my journey into cloth diapering with my middle son over 5 years ago now, I began to hear cloth diapering moms rave about things like mama cloth and menstrual cups. While, at the time, I wasn’t entirely sure what a menstrual cup was, I knew it grossed me out.

–Yes, I realize how ironic that is because that is exactly the way I thought about cloth diapers before I started using them and realized just how cool they are. Little did I know it wouldn’t be too long before I started touting the awesomeness of the menstrual cup. 🙂

What is a menstrual cup?

I’m going to assume that many have never heard of a menstrual cup before so before I delve into my SckoonCup review, let’s quickly talk about just what a menstrual cup is.

SckoonCup Menstrual Cup Review

A menstrual cup is a soft, flexible silicon cup worn in the vagina during menstruation to catch the vaginal fluid. Because a menstrual cup is made to catch/collect fluid and not absorb it doesn’t dry out the vagina or disrupt the pH balance. Additionally, menstrual cups have never been linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome, making them one of the safest forms of menstrual care.

sckooncup review

Why would I want to use a SckoonCup menstrual cup?

I ask this question because I know it is at the very forefront of many minds. We’re always a bit hesitant about new things, right? Here are some of the reasons many people, including myself, prefer the SckoonCup over other feminine products…

  1. The SckoonCup is made from soft, flexible medical grade silicone and is FDA approved. Because it is made of medical grade silicone it is safe, reusable for up to 3 years, and environmentally friendly.
  2. SckoonCup can be worn for up 12 hours at a time!!! This is one of my personal favorite things about the SckoonCup.
  3. The SckoonCup is molded as one piece meaning there are no ridges or verticle lines to irritate. It also makes it very easy to clean.
  4. You can exercise, swim, do yoga, and pretty much anything else (except have sex) while wearing a SckoonCup.
  5. No leaking! Unless you have a fairly heavy flow the SckoonCup capacity should be more than enough.
  6. They come in 2 sizes. Size 1 generally fits women who haven’t given birth vaginally. Size 2 fits women who have given birth vaginally. (Having birthed 3 beautiful boys I use a size 2.)
  7. They’re made in the USA!

My SckoonCup Review

While I love my SckoonCup now, I did not love it the first cycle I tried it. Remember how awkward it was when you were a teenager first trying to figure out how to use a tampon. Be prepared to experience something similar with the menstrual cup. During my first cycle I never had any leaking, but I was constantly having to readjust it, and it just didn’t feel comfortable. I was actually ready to call it quits. I just thought perhaps it wasn’t a good fit for my body.

The fact that I knew I needed to write a fair review on the SckoonCup is what encouraged me to press on. When my third cycle started I looked up how to do a couple other folds to get the SckoonCup inserted correctly. Turns out it was as simple as folding the cup a little differently that enabled me to get the right fit.

Menstrual Cup Folds

I had originally tried the “C” fold. But it was so uncomfortable to insert and then just never was secure once it was in. Due to individual body differences the fold that works best for me might not work best for you and vice versa.

On my 3rd cycle with the SckoonCup I tried the Punch Down fold which makes the cup a little smaller on top than the “c” fold does, and it was so much more comfortable to insert. As soon as it was in I heard it suction to my body (which is what it does to form a seal). For the most part I don’t even feel it in at all, however sometimes after 6-8 hours it seems to have lowered a little and I have to readjust. I’m guessing that will disappear as I become a little more adept at using the SckoonCup.

The SckoonCup is one of those things that you hear women say once they try it they’d never go back. From my experience I’d say that is true.

You can learn more on the SckoonCup website. And, if you need some more encouragement from women who’ve made the switch from disposable menstrual products just check out the awesome SckoonCup Reviews on Amazon.com.

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