Prepare Your Kids for Their Standardized Tests with #SpectrumTestPrep

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How to prepare your homeschooler for standardized testing

Last summer, when I made the decision to homeschool my boys, my husband and my biggest concern was how I was going to make sure my second grader was staying on grade level and not falling behind. Generally, children who are homeschooled excel academically beyond the level of their peers.

In some states, the state requires homeschooled children to take the state standardized test. The HSLDA website has information that can help you find out what your state laws are in reference to homeschooling and standardized tests. Under Louisiana law I was able to register my homeschool as a “private school” and thus am exempt from standardized testing. Even so, I want to make sure that I am teaching my child what he needs to know and that he is not falling behind.

Carson Dellosa Spectrum Test Practice and Prep books

When I bought our homeschool curriculum kit I was excited to see the Carson-Dellosa Spectrum Test Practice book was included in the curriculum. Having taught preschool, and done homeschool preschool with my children, I recognize Carson-Dellosa as being some of the best organized and grade appropriate workbooks I’ve used. That is, in large part, because Carson-Dellosa Publishing Group was founded by teachers and for over 35 years has been the leading supplemental education provider for teachers, parents and students.

Carson-Dellosa sent me both the Spectrum Test Practice and the Spectrum Test Prep book. Until I was contacted about this opportunity I didn’t realize that Carson-Dellosa also published a Spectrum Test Prep book. The Spectrum Test Practice and Test Prep books are a grade-specific workbook series designed to help students prepare for standardized tests and learn how to become a successful test taker.

Carson Dellosa Spectrum Test Prep

I’m really glad Carson-Dellosa sent me the Spectrum Test Prep book for me to use with my son. Spectrum Test Prep helps students learn how to follow directions, understand different test formats, budget their time wisely and include helpful strategies for avoiding common test taking mistakes. Those are skills that every test taker, no matter what grade level, can benefit from.

The Spectrum Test Prep book teaches the test taking strategies and tips using English Language Arts and Mathematics practice tests. While your young test taker may not consider learning test taking strategies by taking a mathematics test, it is a far cry more interesting and effective than simply reading a summary of of those strategies and tips.

Carson Dellosa Spectrum Test Practice book

The Spectrum Test Practice book helps you make sure your child is hitting the academic benchmarks for their grade. The book also prepares your child for standardized tests by testing their knowledge of the concepts they will be tested on.  The Test Practice books feature custom-designed practice aligned to the Common Core Standards.

I was going to wait until the end of the year to have my second grader work through his Spectrum Test books, but I decided to give him some practice tests now to see where his weaknesses are. I’m so glad I did! Not only did it show me the concepts that my son is excelling in or needing more help with, it showed me, the homeschooling parent, what I need to make sure I teach better (or teach at all. There are a few concepts in the books I haven’t even covered).

You can check out the entire grade range of Carson-Dellosa Spectrum Test books at the Carson-Dellosa website.

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