Extreme Clothing Sensitivites + KidOFit Shoes for Kids with Sensory Issues

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“Sorry, you’re 10 minutes late. We can’t let you in.”

I was exhausted, crushed, and frustrated. I knew it would be terrible if I, a mom with 3 kids in tow, broke down in tears because they wouldn’t let my 5 year old into library story time because we were 10 minutes late. But the library ladies had no idea what what we had been through just get there that morning…

I think it was at the change of seasons from summer to fall, when my kids began to trade in their summer shorts for warm fall pants, that I first began to notice changes in my middle son. He was 4 years old at that time. He has always been a very physiologically sensitive boy. Even as a baby his grandma used to comment about how sensitive he was. But, his sensitivities, other than his many food intolerances, had never been a big issue.

Brothers Sitting in Camp Chairs

Then, almost suddenly, I couldn’t get my child to get dressed anymore. He went from a happy, cuddly little boy to a boy who’d writhe, pull, scratch, scream, and all out tantrum over getting dressed. “Ow! Ow! Ah! My shirt bothers me!” “My sleeves are bothering me!” “My pants are bothering me!” “My shoes are bothering me!”. The shoes. Oh, the shoes! The shoes were the worst! The “bothering me” phrases always end in tears, tense words, and meltdowns from my son…and sometimes myself.

Getting out the door to go anywhere quickly became a nightmare. We were always at least 15 minutes late everywhere. My son only wore a coat on the three days this winter when we had snow. All other days he went without even a sweater. I just didn’t think I would survive the battle. I was exhausted. My nerves were constantly raw. All I could do was survive each day.

If you are familiar with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), or Sensory Integration Dysfunction, you have probably experienced something similar to what I’m talking about.  Although SPD can manifest in different ways with different people, it is always stressful for both parent and child. Although my son has other sensitive sensory areas, his tactile sensitivities are the most stressful to deal with because getting dressed and putting shoes on happen to be an everyday occurrence.

Over the last couple months we have found a few strategies that have seemed to help. We have him put his socks on before he puts his pants on so he can’t feel the end of the pants on his ankle or his heel. We’ve found that he seems to like tighter socks.  We have taken him off processed sugar which has made an AMAZING improvement! We have also bought him some more of his favorite KidOFit shoes. They seem to be the perfect shoes for kids with sensory issues. They are the only shoes he will wear without having a full-blown meltdown. I’m not sure I’d still be sane if it hadn’t been for his KidOFit shoes.

We got his first pair of KidOFit shoes last year when I reviewed them here on my blog. Since then I’ve bought 3 more pairs for my kids, 1 for my youngest and 2 more for my middle son.

KidOFit shoes

KidOFit shoes are minimalist shoes for kids. With super flexible soles, the ability to customize fit via the multiple shoes inserts and the velcro on the back and top of the shoes, KidOFit shoes are the perfect shoes for kids with sensory issues.

KidOFit - Shoes for kids with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

To everyone else, my son seems like a typical happy, healthy, silly 5 year old. Now, thanks to his KidOFit shoes and the other changes we’ve made, our lives are all much more pleasant and peaceful. Yes, there is still the occasional meltdown. He still sometimes tugs at his clothes, but all in all things are vastly improved from where they were this time a few months ago.

Check out my vlog below to find out why KidOFit shoes are perfect for kids’ developing feet, as well as why they are great shoes for kids with SPD.


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  1. So glad you were able to find some shoes for your son! I do not have any kids with SPD, but I do have one that tells me everything is pinching her feet so I will have to check these out. Thanks!!
  2. I think I remember that day at the library. We were late too, and I did feel like the librarian could have been kinder in turning us away. We had been late before though. I'm still getting the hang of getting out the door with 3.
  3. Nicole Dziedzic says
    What a incredible brand, love that these have super flexible soles and the ability to customize fit. Don't you Love it when you find great products that have a huge impact.
  4. That was my life story exactly!! We still stuggle with socks, pants, shoes. She would wear them so tight her laces would break. It is terrible to start getting readily to leave the house 3 hours before because it takes that long to get dressed. I will have to try elimination of sugar. It's a hard one because that is all she asks for...:(. Wonderful article and thank you!
    • I'm so glad the article helped you. That was my hope when writing about my son's struggle. We were able to eliminate sugar (and give him probiotic kefir every day) for a while and he got sooo much better that he stopped complaining about his clothes. He also stopped a couple of the ticks he had developed. Then we moved in with my in-laws where sugary things are always available and he's having issues with his clothes again. Now that the holidays are over I'm hoping to do another detox. Keep me posted on how things go for your little one!