Don’t be Fooled by these Common Fertility Misconceptions

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Struggling with infertility, or know someone who is. Make sure you don’t let these common fertility misconceptions fool you.

In all my talk about babies, kids, and toddlers I’m sure there are some of you out there wondering, perhaps a little hurt, what about those struggling with infertility?

While I’ve never really struggled with infertility–well, there was that one time that it took nine months to get pregnant with my second, but I attribute that to my body having to adjust back to it’s proper functioning and hormone levels after having my IUD removed–I have a lot of friends who have.

Particularly for those who have never struggled with infertility, there are a lot of fertility misconceptions. Even now I see infertility myths that are persistently passed around the web–Facebook is a notorious place for receiving false information.

The Red Rock Fertility Clinic in Las Vegas has put together this excellent fertility misconceptions infographic for me to share with you.

Top Fertility Misconceptions – Infographic


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