Must-have Baby Gear – Boon SUDS Bottle Washer Review #ABoon4Bottles

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As every sleep deprived parent knows, sometimes you just need convenience. At the end of a long day it would be nice to sit on the couch for a few moments peace rather than standing on your tired feet at the kitchen sink washing dozens of bottle or sippy cup parts.

While I typically wash my son’s sippy cups, and, in the past, his bottles, in the dishwasher (convenience, my friends) the dishwasher often leaves a greasy film on them. Ick. Occasionally it was so bad I’d have to resort to using a bottle cleaner anyway to clean the “clean” bottle.   —facepalm

Boon SUDS bottle washer

That is where the Boon SUDS Bottle Washer comes in. The Boon SUDS bottle washer is a convenience that makes those days of washing several bottles or sippy cups a day bearable.

Check out my Boon SUDS bottle washer YouTube review below for all the details, including how easy set-up is…

In the review the sippy cup I used has a lip around the top rim which can make cleaning a little trickier. You saw in the video that the SUDS bottle washer can still get cups like this clean. Bottles without a lip around the rim would be that much easier to clean with the SUDS bottle washer.

The one thing that I was really disappointed about is that the Boon SUDS bottle washer doesn’t come with a nipple cleaner. I know you can always purchase a bottle nipple brush separately, but still…

One thing that I ought to mention is that when you’re done using it, I would highly suggest taking the SUDS bottle washer fully apart to let it dry.  The first time I used it, I simply ran clean water through it until all the suds were gone, wiped it dry, and put it in the cupboard until the next use. Later, I decided to unscrew the tall washing part from the base. I discovered a small, hidden pool of water that had not emptied out when I washed it.

The SUDS bottle washer is a must-have item for anyone who finds themselves washing several bottles and sippy cups each day.  It certainly simplifies the washing process and saves time. Set up is quick, and, taken apart, it is really compact which makes it great for traveling too–with a little dish soap, you could wash your bottles in a convenience store bathroom if you had to.

Oftentimes, convenience baby-gear items like this are available only parents who can shell out big bucks, but the low price-point of around $20 makes the SUDS bottle washer an affordable baby-gear item for almost any parent.

The Boon SUDS bottle washer is available exclusively at Target for $19.99.



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