My Before and After Bedroom Closet Redo with SOFI™ Organizers

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Spring cleaning time is just around the corner. To gear up for spring cleaning, I thought I’d write up a magnificent post with brilliant home organization hacks….

But, that would be worse than the blind leading the blind. I am the last person in the world that should be handing out organization advice. However, I was recently sent a set of the new SOFI™ organizers with a challenge to put them to use in organizing my bedroom closet.

SOFI Closet Organizers

No, that isn’t my closet. I wish! Look at how organized that is! Aside from being organized to the nines (show’s you the organizational feats you can accomplish with the SOFI organizers), with three boys I’d never be able to own that much white clothing. LOL

No, no, I’m about to show you my closet, and in hopes that I am not the most unorganized person on the planet, I’m going to show you just how terrible my bedroom closet was. Get ready…

Closet redo before

Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s closet is an absolute train wreck. It seems to be a dumping ground for all the random things that need to be stored, but cannot be stored in the attic. Not to mention that we kept all the baby clothes, blankets, burp cloths, etc., etc., in our closet before we moved a little dresser for the baby’s clothes into our bedroom a couple months ago.  A couple months ago and I still had not gotten around to worked up the courage to tackle the baby clothes.

It is one thing box up the baby clothes and put them into storage to await the next baby. It is an entirely different thing when you’re getting rid of the clothes of your last child. Separating out the clothes each of you three boys has worn and putting them in a bag to donate feels strangely like saying good bye to a departing friend.

I had a box of baby clothes from my husband and I. The box was falling apart so I got a nice box and gently placed our old baby clothes, including a pair of shoes that belonged to my mom when she was a baby, in it.

Baby Clothes

Over those clothes I placed one of Little Z’s Aden + Anais swaddling blankets. I packed each boy a large ziplock bag with a few of their newborn clothes and shoes and laid these on top before putting the lid on the box. Though I was sad to see all the baby clothes go, it makes me feel better knowing I saved some of my boys’ most memorable pieces.

Now, because we rent our house and we knew we weren’t going to be living here for very long, we didn’t want to put in any permanent or semi permanent closet organizers. We need closet organizers like the SOFI organizers that can easily fold away to be packet up and not leave any damage to the shelving or walls when we move.

To help me with my organization I loosely followed these closet organization tips by Monica Friel, organizing expert and president of Chaos to Order.

1.       Reimagine your closet as your personal chic boutique: Before you begin to organize, make sure you have cleverly-designed products to make your closet inspiring, vibrant and fun! The new line of SOFI™ home organizational products can help you makeover your closet.  SOFI products feature stylistic touches like gold fasteners and zipper accents, geometric print interiors, in a sophisticated color palette to bring you inspiration every time you open your closet door.

2.       Now, Be a Style Editor:  Go through your closet item by item. Eliminate what feels drab while gathering ideas for pieces you can add to update your existing clothing collection.

3.       Group Similar Items Together: The best way to know exactly what you have is to put like-items together. Use your style editor-eye to organize by type of clothing or style and then by color.

4.       Celebrate the Season: Keep the clothes you’re currently wearing accessible so that you don’t have to waste time searching for the things you need.  For quick access to clothes and accessories, use a SOFI™ Brix Box™ with pull-out handles and open tops or a SOFI™ Zipper Tote™ for quick, front-panel access to clothes and accessories.  And, take advantage of floor and shelf space in your closet with a SOFI™ Stax Shelf™ that makes the most of existing vertical and horizontal space.

5.       Forget Last Season: Take time to get out-of-season clothes stored away.  This will make your closet feel less cramped so you can easily see what you own before hitting the stores.

6.       Organization is not a Destination: Organization is an ongoing process that requires efficient systems, maintenance and the good old-fashioned discipline of putting things back in place.  With Monica Friel’s tips, you’ll be on your way to having your own couture closet space!

The only thing I really didn’t do was to take out “out-of-season” clothes. Our winters here in Louisiana are short and mild so I need to have access to my short sleeved shirts and capris. Makes for a bit more crowded of a closet, but that’s just how it is.

closet redo after

I know the quality on the pictures isn’t great–that’s what you get in a closet with no natural light–but can you see what a difference there is?!  Look at how much bigger my closet looks now. What you can’t see is that the closet organization I did freed up several more square feet of floor space. Yay for being able to get dressed without bumping into things! In the future I’d love to add a few more of the Stax Shelves to our collection.

SOFI closet organizers

Unlike a lot of foldable organizers, the SOFI™ organizers are nice and sturdy. The zippers on the zipper boxes are high quality and easy to zip up and down. The handles on each of the boxes are thick and well attached. The bottoms of the boxes are nice and thick so I’m not concerned with them bending or bowing like a lot of our other organizers have.

SOFI organizers are offered in a variety of styles and can be found at with retail prices ranging from $9.99 to $29.00.



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  1. Your before look much like my current closet state!!! I love how you saved some of the kids baby items for them! Your afters look amazing!
  2. I need help with my closet. It is a complete mess.
  3. I love those totes. I am working on organizing right now and those would be perfect!
  4. What wonderful tips! We have a huge walk in closet, but the space is so wasted. I can't wait to redo it!
  5. Sometimes I worry about my kids when they grow up, because I'm setting such a bad example in terms of home organization. I love the way these SOFI organizers look and would love to do this to my closets.