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Chic Easter Centerpiece with Glitter EggsOver the past week my 5 year old and I have had a fun time decorating Easter eggs. I found some cool craft eggs at Walmart for under $2 for a dozen (they’re with the all the seasonal Easter stuff). As soon as my 5 year old saw them he was begging me to decorate them with him. Of course we went with glitter. No child (or adult for that matter) can resist the sparkle of glitter Easter eggs.

Ultimately, I wanted to use the eggs we decorated to make a cute Apothecary Jar Easter Centerpiece. A couple years ago I made a set of the cutest decorative apothecary jars. Unfortunately, they’ve just been sitting on a shelf, lonely, and with nothing in them. Not anymore!

3 Ways to make Cute Glitter Easter Eggs

3 Ways to Make Cute Glitter Eggs

1. Hands down, the easiest and least messy of all the glitter Easter egg decorating we did was with glitter and scrapbooking tape.

Making glitter eggs with scrapbooking tape

We simply wrapped one strip of tape around the egg and rolled the egg in a bowl of glitter. Then we applied another strip of tape and rolled in a different bowl with another color of glitter. We repeated the process until we were done.

Here are my eggs on the left and my son’s eggs on the right. The glitter sticks really well to the scrapbooking tape.

Glitter Easter Eggs with Scrapbooking tape


2. Next we broke out our glue pen and drew some glue designs on. This was actually super fun and also really easy. I used a Martha Stewart Crafts Fine Tip Glue Pen. First, I drew designs for my first color. Once I was finished with my first designs I rolled my egg in my first color of glitter. I thought it would be fun to make some cute little swirls. Next, I drew designs for my second color and rolled my egg in my bowl of glitter.

Glitter Easter Egg Decorating with Glue Pen

The egg on the left is the egg I decorated and the egg on the right is my son’s egg. You’ll notice that my egg is kind of shiny and has quite a few rogue specks of glitter. I experimented with sealing the glitter on with Mod Podge. I wouldn’t recommend it. It was too difficult to keep the brush clean and as you can see, my once clean design is more bespeckled than I had intended.

3. Finally we made some eggs completely covered in glitter. I’d repinned this Glittered Eggs craft from Martha Stewart last year. The tutorial looked pretty fool proof, and I decided to try it out for this #PinterestRemakes party I’m doing with a bunch of other bloggers. You would think that making a glitter Easter egg would be an easy process. I discovered, however that unless you use good ol’ glitter spray paint, making glitter eggs isn’t as easy as it would seem.

I would not recommend doing it this way: The tutorial instructs you to brush craft glue onto your egg. I chose to use Mod Podge because that was what I had. The glue was simply not tacky enough, and the slightest touch would rub glitter and glue off leaving a bare white spot. There was no way to transfer the wet egg from the glitter bowl to the parchment paper where it could dry without rubbing some glitter off somewhere. The only obvious solution to that would have been to fill a bowl with a large quantity of glitter and do half the egg at a time, allowing the egg to fully dry in between glitter applications. I didn’t have that much glitter to work with. Nor did I want to wait 30+ minutes in between each glitter application for the egg to dry.

I would recommend this way instead: After doing a couple of eggs the Martha Stewart way, I picked up an inexpensive can of Elmer’s Spray Adhesive at Dollar General. This was so much easier! A word of caution: this stuff sticks like crazy, I’d never used it before and held the egg in my hand while I sprayed it with the adhesive. The adhesive wouldn’t come off with soap and water, nail polish remover, and I couldn’t find the goo gone. The adhesive finally came off the next morning in the shower. Try not to get this on your skin, and make sure you use disposable bowls. 🙂

To glitterfy your egg…

Making glitter eggs

  1. Cover your work surface with newspaper. Have the desired  glitter colors placed on your work surface in paper bowls.
  2. Place your egg in a plastic spoon (to prevent your fingers from getting adhesive on them).
  3. Spray one side of your egg with the spray adhesive.
  4. Place in the bowl of glitter and with the spoon, gently move your egg around until the sprayed side is coated in glitter.
  5. Using the plastic spoon, remove egg and place on wax paper or parchment paper to dry.
  6. Allow the egg to dry for at least 10 minutes before applying spray adhesive to the other side using the same method described above.

Glitter Egg using spray adhesive

Using the spray adhesive was so much easier than the craft glue and the eggs were coated much more evenly. I wasn’t left with a ton of really thin areas where the white showed through.

Make Glitter Easter Eggs with Spray Adhesive

All in all I think they turned out pretty well. The white and blue egg in front is actually white and blue glitter. It is kind of difficult to tell that in the photo.

So how do you think my glitter eggs and apothecary jar Easter centerpiece turned out?

Apothecary Jar Easter Centerpiece

If you’re looking for a fun Easter craft to do with your kids that you won’t just end up sneaking into the trash the next day, try these fun glitter eggs!

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