Easy Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

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How to throw a Minecraft Birthday Party: Easy Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

Easy Minecraft Birthday Party Ideas

This last week my middle son turned 5! I can’t believe my cute, cuddly little boy is 5 already.

Happy birthday to my cuddly, smart, funny 5 year old! #lovethiskid #sayitsyourbirthday

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He and his big brother have been really into Minecraft lately so when I asked him a couple weeks ago what kind of party he wanted, it was no surprise when he told me he wanted a Minecraft birthday party. Now, when I plan a party, I usually go to the party store and buy all the supplies I need. I. make. nothing. Party planning is stressful enough with all I’ve got going on, not to mention I have a little menace who likes to follow me around the house and prevent me from doing anything productive. So, I hit Pinterest for Minecraft birthday party ideas.

While I didn’t really end up doing any of the ideas I found on Pinterest, it was a good place to get a little inspiration. Most of the ideas I found on Pinterest were a little time intensive. I needed easy Minecraft birthday party ideas that would help me maximize my time.

First up were the Minecraft goodie bags.

I had a whole bunch of these green tote bags that have been sitting in my garage for ages. I made a Minecraft creeper face template, and set the kids to painting.

(You can click the image below to print a Minecraft Creeper face.)

Minecraft creeper face template printable2

At first I thought to cut the face out of the template and let the kids use it as a stencil, but I quickly realized that just wasn’t going to work well. Instead I left the face on the paper in tact, slipped the paper inside the bag, and had the kids trace the outline of the face. After they traced the face they filled it in with acrylic paint.

Minecraft Creeper Party Bag


  • I printed the Creeper faces out on cardstock so the paper was nice and thick which leads me to my next tip.
  • Make sure you leave the paper in the bag when the kids paint. The paint will go through the bag, but the cardstock will prevent the paint from bleeding through to the other side of the bag and, heaven forbid, your nice kitchen table.
  • You may find it necessary to take a cool hairdryer to the bags to dry the paint faster.

Next up was the Minecraft Piñata.

In our family we don’t have a birthday party without a piñata. It is a tradition. Should you choose to make one from scratch, a Minecraft piñata is very easy to make. All you need is a medium size square or slightly rectangular cardboard box, crepe paper (or whatever paper you choose). Easy Minecraft piñatas would be TNT, creeper face, pig face, minecraft person face, or an endermen face.

Because I was pressed for time I went even one step easier. I hit Walmart and bought a plain birthday present piñata. In about 15 minutes it went from this…Minecraft Piñata before


To this…

how to make a minecraft pinata


Seriously the easiest thing ever! I just took off the paper present ribbons and bows. Some of the blue paper stuck to the glue on the box. I just colored the areas where the blue paper stuck with a red marker. Then I cut out a few strips of white paper, wrote TNT on them in pixelated writing and taped them to the box. 🙂  Easy, peasy.


Taking a swing at the Minecraft Pinata

The kids had a great time destroying the TNT!

If you can’t find the right kind of piñata or don’t want to go to the trouble of making one, you can click here to purchase a TNT Minecraft Piñata on Amazon.com.

Pin the Tail on the Minecraft Horse

After the piñata they played Pin the Tail on the Minecraft Horse. My husband gets all the credit for this Minecraft party idea. He pulled up a picture on the internet and freehanded (well, he used a ruler). We stuck a hat backwards on the kids, spun them around, and away they went.

Minecraft birthday party ideas pin the tail on the horse


Minecraft Cake

Finally, we had the Minecraft cake. It wasn’t much to look at because it is only the second time in my life I’ve ever iced a cake, but it was good enough for a 5 year old’s party. I baked a chocolate cake, put fresh cut up strawberries in the batter, and baked it in a square pan. I iced it with a vanilla buttercream frosting that I dyed green with spinach juice (I’m allergic to the yellow dye). (As a side note: The spinach juice, which I juiced in my juicer, worked like a charm. It dyed the frosting green without any spinach-y flavor.) I frosted the cake to look like grass and topped it with red Gushers (for red stone) and blackberries (for coal).


Amazon.com also has a ton of Minecraft Party decorations and party favors for really inexpensive! Make sure you check them out here!

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  1. My oldest wants a Minecraft-themed birthday party next month. I am going to take some of your ideas and run with them!
  2. Love your ideas! Heading to walmart tomorrow and hoping to find a pinata like that!
  3. nicole dziedzic says
    I love the totes you made! And the piñata is incredible and always fun, great party theme!
  4. Thank you for sharing the template and making it so easy to get. I have been stressin about not getting a special minecraft pinata ordered in time, tank you for your tips.
  5. These are such great ideas! I especially love the spinach juice idea! I'm always trying to find ways of tinting icing that doesn't require those nasty food dyes. Plus the Birthday piñata, into TNT, genius! =) So glad I stumbled onto your page. =)