Meet Dash and Dot, Robots Helping Kids Learn to Code

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Most of you know that we are homeschooling this year. When I decided to homeschool, one of my goals was to allow my children to learn in hands-on ways that would teach them to think creatively.

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Back in December I was introduced to an innovative new “toy” for kids. Dash and Dot robots were created by Wonder Workshop to help kids learn the basics of coding. I put toy in quotes, because to call it a toy is far too limiting. Kids will think of this as a toy, and that is PERFECT! That’s what we want them to see in Dash and Dot–pure fun! Parents, on the other hand, will look at Dash and Dot by Wonder Workshop and see a door to a world of possibilities for their children.

Dash and Dot , Robots that teach kids to code

Wonder Workshop makes learning to code meaningful and fun for children. Dash and Dot robots combine play and learning for children ages 5 and up.

Dash is an explorer. It:Dash recording with a smart phone

  • Drives around.
  • Senses objects in front and behind.
  • Hears and responds to sounds.
  • Comes to life with sound, lights, and head motion.

Dash has several accessories that come with the Wonder Pack or can be purchased separately that include: a pusher bar, a smartphone mount (to take videos with any smartphone), bunny ears, and a tow hook.


Dot is an instigator. It:DOT

  • Responds to how it is moved.
  • Sends a signal for Dash to see where it is.
  • Hears and responds to sounds.
  • Transforms with sounds, lights, and imagination.



Dash and Dot robots connect wirelessly over Bluetooth to certain Android or Apple devices.

Though my own kids haven’t quite progressed that far, the Dash and Dot robots can be programmed to interact with one another. Wonder Workshop has created several apps that allow kids ages 5 and up to program Dash and Dot to perform tasks ranging from simple to fairly complex.

The Go App is a fun app for kids to start with. With Go, kids can easily customize Dash or Dot’s colors, eye lights, phrases, and can drive dash using a remote control -like interface. Go is also the portal for online ideas, inspiration and other content for Dash and Dot.

The Path App takes Dash on an adventures as kids draw a path for Dash to take. Unlock themes and special animations. This app teaches basic sequencing and event-based programming. This app is my 5 year old’s favorite app. With the basic sequencing functions it is right on par for his age group. The sounds that kids can program the robots to make are very engaging for kids of all ages.

My 7 year old will show you just how Path works…

The Blockly app is a visual programming tool that lets kids control Dash & Dot, making them move and interact with each other. This app teaches sequencing, events, conditionals, and loops. Blockly is recommended for ages 8+. That age recommendation is right on with my kids. It is just a little too abstract yet for my 7 1/2 year old. He is on the brink though, and I think he’ll start to pick it up in the next month or so.  I have to admit that have fun playing Blockly. There are endless possibilities to what you can program Dash or Dot to do!

This is a Blockly sequence my 5 year old and I programmed together…

The Xylo app is another one we all love! Xylo is a music app that uses the xylophone accessory. Compose songs and program Dash to move around while playing music. This app teaches sequencing and loops. Because my boys are just starting to get into piano lessons, my 7 year old has a fun time programming Dash to play some of the songs he is working on.  It is awesome how you can string bars of music together, move them around within the piece, and even program Dash to move while he is playing!

Here is my 7 year old demonstrating Dash playing his (my son’s) latest piano practice piece….

When I write a review I always write in the pros and cons. I just can’t think of any cons! Our Dash and Dot robots by Wonder Workshop have been amazing for my kids and my kids and I are looking forward to YEARS of great teaching playing with them!

(Update 10/15: Wonder Workshop has released a new even more basic app called “Wonder”. This is available on both iTunes and Google Play. I haven’t tried it with my boys yet because Dash and Dot are currently in storage until we buy a house. If you’ve tried it, let me know how you like it!)

All apps for Dash and Dot are compatible with iPad 3 or newer. Certain Nexus and Galaxy Note and Tab devices are also compatible. Wonder Workshop is continually working to increase compatibility across operating systems and devices. Click here to check if you device is compatible with the Dash and Dot robots.

The Dash and Dot robots make the perfect addition to any home or classroom looking to give kids the opportunity to learn a skill that will put them ahead in the future. Dash retails for $199. The Wonder Pack, including all robots and accessories, is $365. They are available for purchase at the Wonder Workshop website and on



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