I’ll Love You Forever String Art Valentine

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I'll Love You Forever, String Art Valentine
This year I wanted to help my kids do something special for their grandma’s for Valentine’s Day. Because my blogging schedule was so crazy during the months of November and December we really didn’t do anything for Christmas gifts for the Grandmas. There were so many things I wanted to do. But I prefer to do handmade gifts for grandmas and I just had too much on my plate to undertake anything else.

Good things come to those who wait, right? 😉 This String Art Valentine is the perfect Valentine’s Day craft because the kids can help!  And what kid doesn’t love to use a hammer!

Below are the materials I used for this craft…sort of.  Things almost never turn out how you envision. You change and modify along the way.  In keeping with that, my oldest son changed his mind about how he wanted his String Art Valentine to turn out. His is the heart shaped wood block below. It isn’t quite what I was going for with this tutorial so I won’t be including it in this blog post.

Also, we quickly found that for the size of string art Valentine we were doing the fuzzy chenille yarn we got was too busy.  I returned to the craft store and got a more appropriate thickness crochet yarn.

DIY Valentine's Day String Art Craft

String Art Valentine Supplies

(The links below are links to where you can purchase the supplies on Amazon if you don’t want to shop for them at your local craft store. If you decide to purchase through these links, THANK You for helping support my website!)

  • Crochet yarn – I used size 5 crochet yarn. You can also use colored string
  • Wood plaque in any shape you’d like
  • Small nails (tacks)
  • Gray and white acrylic paint
  • Paint brush (bristled or foam)
  • Hammer
  • Adhesive Letters – You can use vinyl if you have a cutter. I just bought a pack of cute, sparkly letters at Michael’s.
  • *Optional – fine grain sandpaper

Making Your String Art Valentine


Step 1

Paint your wood plaque. We chose gray for ours, but, of course you should use whatever color suits your fancy. The 4 year old did the painting. I had him do two coats of paint. Make sure you wait for the first coat to dry before applying the second coat.

Step 2

After your second coat of paint has dried, gently dab your paint brush in white acrylic paint. Gently, brush your brush around the outside (not the top) of your plaque–I did this part, not the 4 year old. 🙂  If you find your white border paint is too thick or dramatic, gently brush (notice a theme here?) a fine grain sandpaper over it until you have your desired effect.

String Art Valentine Painting

Step 3

(Sorry I didn’t take a picture of this step, you’ll just have to picture it as best you can.) Fold a piece of paper in half and draw and cut out a heart that will fit on your plaque.  Once your heart is cut out, lay it on your painted plaque. Holding it down with your fingers, take a pencil and mark dots around around the perimeter of your paper heart.  As you can tell from ours we were not very precise in this. –Hey, it’s a string art Valentine from a four year old. No biggie.

Step 4

This is probably the funnest part for the kids. Hammering in the nails! I prefer my fingers in tact so I gently tapped in the nails until they were steady enough for my 4 year old to give them each a few good whacks. Hence the unevenness of the nails. 🙂  I’d also like to point out one other thing. You can see in the picture that the nails aren’t hammered into the places I made the dots. I realized after I hammered in the first few that the nails were going to be a little too close together for my four year old’s not-so-deft fingers to string.

String Art Valentine Nails

Step 5

Wrap the string around the nails. My four year old worked on this part. There doesn’t have to be any rhyme or reason to the wrapping. Just make sure that you get every nail.

After my 4 year old did two layers of string, I outlined the shape of the heart by wrapping the string around each nail following the shape of the heart.

String Art Valentine String

Step 6

Using a ruler arrange your letters below (or above) your heart. If you’re using adhesive letters like I did make sure you like the letter spacing before pressing your letters down onto your plaque. That way you can easily fix any spacing issues you might have.

String Art Valentine Letters


And that’s it! Despite the number of steps in this string art Valentine, I’d rank this a beginner level project. Whether you’re doing this with kids or on your own, this will be a fun and easy Valentine craft!

“I’ll love you forever. I’ll like you for always…”

~ Robert Munsch

I'll Love You Forever, String Art Valentine


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