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Disclosure: Thank you to TomTom for sponsoring this conversation, and for helping me get my rear into gear for 2015!

I think one of the most difficult things about motherhood is finding a spare moment to take care of myself.  There are days when I forget to have a meal because I’m so busy rescuing my toddler from perilous situations or attending to the needs of each of my three little kids.

The last time I was in shape was just before I got pregnant with Little Z (that was over two years ago).  I had a great routine going with my two kids. I would run with my two boys in our jogging stroller to the park where I’d do my jungle gym workout, and then we’d run to my son’s pre-k. We did this Monday through Friday. I started at 1.5 miles and quickly worked up to 3 miles. Ah, it felt good to work out!

Joovy Cocoon x2, jogging stroller #lovehealthyme

March 2012. Look how little they were! So cute!

Nowadays, however, my schedule looks something like this:

  • 8:30am Wake-up, get the toddler up, diaper changed etc.
  • 8:45 Breakfast for me and toddler
  • 9:15 Shower me and toddler, get ready for day
  • 9:45-12 Help older boys with homeschool
  • 12:15-1 Lunch
  • 1 Put toddler down for a nap
  • 1:30 Start blogging
  • 3:30 Toddler wakes up – end blogging
  • 3:45 clean up the house
  • 5:00 make dinner
  • 6:00 Eat dinner
  • 7:30 Get the kids ready for bed
  • 8:30 Phew! The kids are finally in bed for the night!
  • 8:45 Sit down to chat with hubby, blog, relax
  • 12:00 Finally finish that blog post that is due. Go to bed.

During the months of the year that are not November and December, I’m not quite as busy with my blog.  I’m an 8-9 hour of sleep girl. If I want my immune system to function I must get at least 8 hours of sleep. Once I finish my Christmas deadlines I’ll shift my bedtime back to 10 pm and my wake time will be about 7 am.

Motherhood is exhausting I tell you! But something’s gotta give.  I can NOT go through my life hoping my lack of fitness will not catch up with me.  It just doesn’t work like that.


This is where the TomTom #GiveAGoal campaign comes in.    TomTom’s #GiveAGoal campaign encourages holiday shoppers to support their loved ones with a gift that helps everyone achieve their goals of living a healthier and happier lifestyle. Sharing your 2015 fitness goals and progress with friends and family is easy thanks to social networks. Just use the hashtag #GiveAGoal when posting progress reports, updates, or goals and you and your friends will be able to follow and encourage one another.

I didn’t think my 1 mile run was anything great, but it was all I could do.  I really thankful for the encouragement my friends and family have left on my #GiveAGoal posts. Starting a workout routine is made just a bit easier when you have the encouragement of your friends.

TomTom also makes it easy to make and stick with your fitness goals with the TomTom Runner Cardio GPS Watch, even for someone like me who is starting at square one.

TomTom Runner Cardio

  • The TomTom Runner Cardio GPS watch has a built-in Heart Rate Monitor to accurately measure heart rate so I don’t need to fuss around with a chest strap.
  • The built-in GPS receiver provides real-time running information so I can easily track my distance, time, pace, speed and calories burned as I run.
  • It also allows me to make sure I’m training the way I want.  I can program goals into my watch so I can work towards a specific distance, time, heart rate, or calories burned.

After each run I can sync my TomTom Runner Cardio GPS watch with my phone and my computer at TomTom MySports to see a summary of my run.

My TomTom Dashboard


Above is a summary of one of my runs.  Keep in mind that I’m pushing 85 lbs of children and jogging stroller while I run. I’m really glad my running area is flat! 🙂

I’m fully aware that I’m starting from the bottom, but I don’t want to let that deter me.  I’ll continue to share my fitness progress with you on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter using the hashtag #GiveAGoal

Here are the fitness goals I’ll be working toward in 2015:

  • Run 3 miles 3x per week (I’ll be working up to 3 miles)
  • Stretch for 10 minutes a day
  • Do 15 minute resistance/weight workout on my non-run days
  • Cut the majority of refined sugar out of my diet (reserving treats for special occasions)

I’ve only just scratched the surface with what I can do with my TomTom Runner Cardio GPS watch. I’m excited to use it to help me achieve my 2015 fitness goals!

If I can do this you can too! Do you workout regularly?  If not, don’t feel bad, we can start small together! I’ve tried to set myself up for success by keeping my goals within reach of where I am currently.

Just decide now to go for it!  What are your fitness goals for 2015?

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  1. So glad to hear being a busy mom and finding time to exercise isn't just my problem. My 2015 fitness goal is to start moving. Working out 4x a week and to start running. With my ultimate goal to run a 7mile road race! :) this would be the perfect motivation to do so!