26 Delicious, Relaxing, and Just Plain Cool Mason Jar Gifts!

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26 Mason Jar Gift Ideas


It is not the gift, but the thought that counts. – Henry Van Dyke

I say – Why not both? Fun to make and fun to receive, Mason jar gifts are the perfect holiday gifts for many reasons.

Who doesn’t like to get these miniature packaged presents? Gifts in a jar are perfect for family, neighbors, co-workers, friends and teachers. Even Scrooge would be hard pressed to reject some of these mason jar gifts.

Not only are they cute, compact, and generally easy to make, they’re easy on your budget too!

Here are 12 fabulous ideas if you’re looking to put more ‘thought’ into your gifts this holiday!

Mason Jar Gifts

Mason Jar Gifts for Indulgence


Russian Tea– Snuggle up on a cold, winter night and enjoy!

Cinnamon Syrup– A perfect addition to breakfast on a chilly morning.

Nutty Homemade Granola– So addicting you may end up making it regularly.

Fudgy Brownie Mix– Who doesn’t love a dessert made from scratch?

Dairy Free Butterscotch Sauce– A gift that is sure not to last long.

Build A Sundae Kit– Help them transform their bowl of ice cream into something special with this cute kit.

Snowmen Hot Cocoa– These snowmen marshmallows are too adorable for words!

Cowgirl Christmas Cookies, Peppermint Stick Cocoa, Christmas Girlfriend Cookies, and Toffee Blondes– Whew! You’re getting 4 for one on this one. And, man! Do these look delicious!

Andes Mint Cookies– Andes Mints…enough said.

Reindeer Cookies– The kids will love these just as much as the grown-ups!

Mason Jar Gifts for Pampering


Whipped Holiday Body Butter– Mmm…that sounds so nice!

Pumpkin Spice Scrub– The scent of pumpkin spice can last a little longer with this scrub.

Mandarin scrub– Now there are two reasons to love oranges during the holidays.

Sugar Hand Scrub– Light on scent but heavy on soothing.

Eucalyptus Scrub– This is perfect for when your friends feel under-the-weather.

Manicure in a Jar– A perfect combo to any scrub

Decadent Shea Body Butter– A great alternative to scrubs or the perfect combo for a pampering basket.


Mason Jar Gifts for the Teacher


Teacher Survival Kits– These can be customized how ever you’d like, and they include things that every teacher likes to have on hand.

You Write Up My Life– This utterly adorable gift is something your child’s teacher will actually be able to use.

Teacher Cookie Mason Jars– Sweets for the sweet.


Mason Jar Gifts for Everyone


Money Jar– Your gift recipient is in for quite a surprise with this one!

Everything in a Jar– I’m digging the Pampering in a jar, but you could also go with Refreshment in a Jar or Energy in a Jar

Gift Card Snow Globe– As long as you don’t let your toddler hold it you should be fine. 🙂


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    Wow, thanks for the great gift ideas. I just love the snow globe one and lots of the cookies ones too.
  3. I like to make bath salts for my friends using essential oils.
  4. I love these! So many nice gift ideas!
  5. Can't go wrong with a mason jar gift, great ideas!
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  9. I want to try making the whipped body butter.
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    Thank you for sharing these wonderful DIY ideas ~ I often prefer to give homemade gifts that show real thought and care. I'm so impressed that I already Pinned it :http://www.pinterest.com/pin/534239574522078226/ I love being able to personalize gift in imaginative ways like this!
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    Very cute. Would make a great neighbor gift.
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