Create Memories with these Classic Hasbro Toys! #HolidayGiftGuide

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Give the Gift of Memories with Classic Hasbro Toys

Thanks to Hasbro for providing the samples for review! All opinions expressed are honest and are my own. 

Some things never get old. And these toys are no exception. All your favorite classic hasbro toys have been reimagined for the new generation of children. My Little Pony, Star Wars and Taboo bring back fond memories with friends and family and now you can pass those memories on.



The classic of Star Wars has stood the test of time and is still a hit with any boy (and their Dads). I remember my Dad’s excitement when we were old enough to watch the movies with him. Even as a little girl I couldn’t resist the wise words of Master Yoda and I can still be heard today using phrases from the famous films. My boys may not understand the Force yet but they can still take command of the greatest battles in Star Wars history. Star Wars Command Star Destroyer Set lets players pit huge armies (purchased separately) of micro-figures and chattels against each other. The controller allows you to send the Star Destroyer backwards and forwards or unleash your 4 Energy Blast balls to destroy the enemy. Included are eight collectible figures – six soldiers and two specially detailed Generals. As a parent I LOVE the hassle-free packaging and easy assembly. Recommended for ages 4+. Retail price $59.99.


If you have My Little Pony admirer you won’t want to miss My Little Pony Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset. Recommended for 3+, the playset retails for $39.99. Let fans discover the newest royal empire, a three level palace fit for a pony princess! They can use the friendship keys to unlock magical accessories like a wardrobe, vanity, book and treasure chest. The Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset comes with Princess Twilight Sparkle, key, cloud car and themed accessories. It’s hassle-free packaging but it will take a few minutes to assemble the Palace.

My Little Pony was the first role play toys I had as a little girl. Of all the classic Hasbro toys, My Little Pony was my favorite!  I loved brushing their hair, collecting new ponies to join my family and imaging creative stories to act out.

I like to offer a variety of toys at my house for all ages and genders so I had my sons friends tell me what they thought of the My Little Pony Friendship Rainbow Kingdom Playset. It was a huge hit! The girls loved imaging secret quests to find hidden jewels with the friendship keys and throwing a house party for their Pony friends. Younger girls will enjoy sending Princess Twilight Sparkle down the slide again and again.



My favorite is the Taboo game! I love spending time with friends and family, and I love it even more when we play games. It’s the perfect way to make memories!. It just so happens that during the holidays those occasions happen more often. So if you have someone who loves playing games, consider the Taboo, and then stick around to play it with them. 😉

Taboo Buzz’d is the classic group game where you race against the clock to get you team to guess as many words as they can to earn points. If you say the word on the screen the other team buzzes in to get the point. Includes over 1,000 words and keeps score as you go around. You will need to provide your own 3 AAA batteries. Ages 12+. Retails at $19.99.Taboo

Keep these classic Hasbro toys in mind as you finish up shopping for the holidays or the early 2015 birthdays. With a wide age range, a variety of price points, and toys both boys and girls will love Hasbro has made sure there is something for every child!

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  1. I remember my daughters loving My Little Pony! Great toy ideas!
  2. My little niece is a huge fan of my little pony, I love buying her them cause they remind me of when I was a kid and use to play with them.
  3. I'd love to play Taboo again. Fun.
  4. What fun toys! It's a bit late for Christmas, but there will be birthdays in 2015. Thanks for the review of these "new" classics.
  5. So many great toys. The Star Wars set is super cool and something my nephews would love.
  6. Thanks for the great ideas! My daughter would love the My Little Pony, and my son would love the Star Wars!
  7. I love seeing the classics coming back! The parents can enjoy theem too :)
  8. Terri Moore says
    I love to play games too and will take any opportunity to gather around and laugh. Taboo sounds like an easy one to learn.