Our 2014 Year in Review –Lots of Pictures! #UnstoppableMoms

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As I get older, more and more I feel like breathing a big sigh of relief at the end of each year. I’m not sure if it is a product of having 3 needy, exhausting little children or what, but man!  Phew! I need to take a breather!

Being an Unstoppable Mom can mean different things for different people.  For me, during this last year, being Unstoppable simply meant surviving…and still having my kids love me.

The year started with The Husband taking off for a few weeks for a military training.  While he was having fun learning how to defend himself in simulated attacks I was fighting my own battles at home.

toddler trouble

Don’t be fooled by that innocent face.

For a while I thought about attaching a GoPro camera so I could blog about how crazy he is.  Seriously, this kid NEVER stops! I pretty much gave up on keeping the house clean.  Open the dishwasher, he’d immediately climb in. Start the vacuum–he’d start screaming like a little banshee until I gave in or gave up. Same story with the broom. Don’t even get me started about the laundry! In his mind, the only logical thing for laundry to do is to rain down upon his head–who cares if they were already neatly folded.  Everything I did he would immediately undo.

Seriously, I don’t know where this little boy came from!

Thankfully, The Husband wasn’t gone for too long before he returned to us.

So happy to have daddy home!

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Time went on swimmingly for the next few months. I even got to go to my very first brand sponsored conference!

Later that month The Husband was off again for another training. This time for a whole two months!  I have so much respect for the stamina of single moms, military spouses, and moms with husbands who travel often for work.  Being a mom is so amazingly rewarding, but you really do give your all.  Never in my life have I been more exhausted, more frustrated, more at my wit’s end, more loved, more full of love, and more fullfilled than I felt during those long months as a single mom.

Life does go on, and we made the best of things….

While The Husband was at SOS collage


I can’t tell you what a relief it was to have The Husband home after those two long months!  Aside from having the man I love back, having another adult to share both the workload and unending questions that spew forth out of children’s mouths during all their waking hours was such a physical and mental relief.

After The Husband returned we carried on.  We enjoyed an amazing summer vacation at Zion National Park where I co-planned a family reunion for over 40 people!!! I was so nervous about how it would turn out.  I’m really not a big planner, but it turned out amazing and we had an awesome time!

Zion National Park Waterfall - Entrance to the Narrows

As the summer wound down we embarked on our first attempt at homeschooling. I knew it was going to be a big commitment, but I felt strongly that my son wasn’t getting the well-rounded education he needs. I set to work choosing a homeschool curriculum, and then I transformed our playroom and created a homeschool space. It hasn’t been easy–at all–but it has been fun and sooo worth it.

Since then we’ve just been plugging along.  I am so busy homeschooling, blogging, and being a mom that I have to take everything just one day at a time.

Family picture 2014


Knowing how much my children look up to me has been a huge motivator to just keep plugging along.  Throughout the year I didn’t always feel like an Unstoppable Mom.  I yelled, I cried, I was impatient, I was tired.  But every mom has those times.  What matters to me and to my boys, what makes me truly unstoppable as a mom is that I didn’t let those times stop me from bouncing back and being the best mom I can be for my kids.  That is what makes me an Unstoppable Mom.


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  1. Christopher Sorel says
    love national parks and some great pictures.
  2. Beautiful family pictures. The Zion National Park trip looked awesome, planning a party for that many people is pretty amazing, glad it turned out great! By the way my kid does the same thing with the dishwasher.
  3. What a lovely year full of quality time spent with your beautiful family!