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I count myself extremely fortunate and blessed in my life.  Sure, I’ve been through plenty of trials.  My life hasn’t been all sunshine and lollipops, but when it comes down to it, I really have not had to sacrifice a lot.

As some of you know, The Husband is a psychologist with the United States Air Force.  His job brings him in contact with a lot of men and women who have sacrificed a LOT for our country.  Many of his patience suffer from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Generally, their PTSD has come as a result of combat trauma, injuries and such received during one or multiple deployments.

Explosive Ordinance Disposal Suit- United States Air Force

As part of his training, to get a small glimpse into what some of his patients do, what they go through, The Husband visited the guys who’s jobs it is to find, disarm, and dispose of explosive material. Here he is wearing a explosive ordinance disposal suit and holding a bomb.

As a civilian, before becoming a military family, I simply had no clue the sacrifices these service men and women make.  Even knowing what his military service cost my brother, who served as a medic with the Navy and deployed multiple times–sometimes to areas that experienced gruesome combat–I still didn’t understand.  My brother suffered severe PTSD as a result of the horrors he witnessed during his service. I didn’t understand that my brother’s story is not an isolated or rare case.

Deployments–which can last from 6 months to 18 months–are very taxing on families and marriages and the long work hours required by many jobs within the service–particularly now with the draw down where service men and women are expected to complete the same amount of work with fewer personnel–are just a couple of the sacrifices that tax our armed forces members and their families.

And, yet, most of the service men and women of our country are proud to make these sacrifices.  They do their work, they serve their long deployments without complaint.  I can’t tell you how many amazing military wives I know who keep their houses running with the most positive of attitudes while their husbands are away for months on end.

It is because of all this that I’m excited to tell you about Katy’s Goodness “Thank a Deserving Military Veteran” campaign!

Katy's Goodness Cookies, Support a Deserving Veteran program

Katy’s Goodness, the maker of My OH Mega cookies that are packed full of wholesome nutrients your body loves like Omega3 and protein.

Beginning this Veteran’s Day, cookie care packages will begin showing up on American military veterans’ doorsteps. A random act of kindness made easy by Katy’s Goodness ™, a good-for-you brand of cookies that has proudly supported America’s military veterans since 2004.

Through the Katy’s Goodness “Thank A Deserving Military Veteran” campaign, we are striving to deliver cookie care packages to two million military veterans’ doorsteps, and, as a result, donate more than $3 million dollars to military veteran support organizations.

Between now and Veteran’s Day 2015, you can thank a military veteran by ordering a Katy’s Goodness Cookie Care Package to be shipped directly by us to one of America’s 22 million military veterans. For every purchase, Katy’s Goodness will donate funds back to the local affiliates of its nationally recognized charity partners:, Easter Seals, Student Veterans of America, Warriors in the Workplace, and Support Military Foundation.

I’m always very grateful when I see brands like Katy’s Goodness giving back and seeking to make a difference by serving those who serve us!

You can check out all the ymmy Katy’s Goodness cookies and learn more about the “Thank a Deserving Military Veteran” program by visiting Katy’

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A huge Thank You to all the service men and women who give so much in support of our country.  We are ever grateful for past and continued sacrifices.


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  1. What a neat picture of your husband. I bet your boys got a kick out of that and glad he was able to do it safely! :) The country fruit cashew butter cookies sound amazing! I'd love to try those and I love that it gives back to Military families!
  2. nicole dziedzic says
    I have a Uncle who suffers from PTSD, which I was unaware of until a few years ago, I am very thankful and supportive of our service men and women of our country that make huge sacrifices daily. It is always great to see companies giving back to support them! I also have a friend who has a husband in the Military and anything she needs I am there for her and help her out anyway I can.
    • One of the difficult things for loved ones about PTSD is that those who suffer from it rarely ever talk about it. It really is amazing how much some men and women give for our country. And I am sure your friend is very grateful to have you there for her. It can be difficult for military spouses as well.