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Rock-a-Bums 5-in-1 Cloth Diaper


One of the things a lot of parents look for in cloth diapers is versatility.  If your child is in day care, sometimes the providers prefer disposables. If you’re trying to save money you might look for an All-in-Two (AI2) diaper so you can buy just a few covers and stock up on inserts.  And then, if you’re like me, you just like to have options.

Some days I just want to throw a pocket diaper on and go.  Other days, particularly when we are going to be out and about for a long time, it is nice to have something that absorbs a bit more than a cloth insert, but it still gentle on the environment.

Rock-a-Bums is an innovative cloth diaper brand that seeks to give all cloth diapering moms and dads the options they need.  They have designed a 5-in-1 cloth diaper!

According to Rock-a-Bums, their mission is to be the easiest to use cloth diaper out there.

  1. They don’t make  you learn a new language (AIO, prefold, insert, CBI, fitted, etc.) to use these diapers. Even a beginner cloth diaperer can do it.
  2. They are as easy to use as they are to understand.
  3. They work just as well for the money conscious parent as they do for the eco conscious parent.
  4. They are made to fit from birth through potty training.
  5. They have the coolest designs out there!

As a mom of just boys, the cool Rock-a-Bums cloth diaper prints were what first caught my eye.  It can be difficult to find boy prints that aren’t cuddly and cutesy.

Here is Little Z sporting the Rock On Rock-a-Bums diaper…

Rock-a-Bums 5-in-1 cloth diaper review

 The fit is pretty near perfect.  At 22 months and 26 ish lbs I have all the rise snaps undone.  The disposable hybrid inserts are thin enough that I snap the highest set of rise snaps for a nice trim fit.

The Punk Plaid (green) diaper we were sent is snaps (as opposed to hook and loop), and one thing that I’ve noticed is that we get a little “wing droop”.  I’m not sure why.  I haven’t had this problem with Little Z’s diapers since he was a bitty baby.

The absorbency is exactly what I’d expect from a microfiber insert and we’ve had absolutely no issues with leaking.

For a more up-close look at just how the 5-in-1 Rock-a-Bums cloth diaper works, check out my video review…

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I’ll be giving away, among other things, a Rock-a-Bums prize package!  You’re not going to want to miss it!

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You can purchase Rock-a-Bums cloth diaper covers, inserts, disposable inserts, and wetbags at

If you want to be ahead of the game feel free to visit the Rock-a-Bums website and let me know which of their totally awesome prints is your favorite! (*this will be an entry option for the giveaway!)



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  1. Holy cow, that diaper looks AMAZING! I can't believe I don't have one of these in my stash! I can't wait to try to win one during MFC. Thank for the great review! :)
  2. Adorable print! We'll be cloth diapering our third in a few short months and cannot wait to get some cute prints on her little bum!
  3. We have used Rock-a-Bums and really liked them. I love those prints!
  4. Love Zanadu!
  5. Jen Eiserman says
    My husband is in a rock band...these would be perfect for us! I love the pink punk plaid!
  6. These are so cute and look like they're great quality! I especially like Zanadu and Blue Velvet :)
  7. My husband and I like the Blue Velvet print,
  8. I love the blue velvet print the best. We're big into guitars around here though. Thanks for the chance to enter!
  9. My favorite print is zanadu
  10. My favorite print is zanadu
  11. Veronica Bohan says
    I love blue velvet the most!
  12. Amanda Lea says
    I like punk plaid green best!
  13. Shaina Chance says
    I LOVE Zanadu. Check out the definition:a place of great beauty, luxury, and contentment.. that's a big word to live up to, and this print is a beauty!
  14. Love the punk green plaid.
  15. I absolutely love the Punk Plaid Pink - so cute! Thanks for a great review!
  16. Barnolds Barnes says
    I like white with black snaps--reminds me of Star Wars.
  17. I like punk plaid green!
  18. Jeanie Payne says
    Very cool colors and prints. My favorite is the green plaid.
  19. I love the punk plaid!
  20. I love the punk plaid!
  21. I like the Zanadu!
  22. Rebecca Murillo says
    LOVE Rock a bums!! We only own one of the diapers, but I would love to have a stash!! They have the best inserts!!
  23. Shanna Rodgers says
    These designed are so cute! A must have <3
  24. I love the blue velvet print,they are awesome!
  25. I like the punk plaid green cover.
  26. Jessica Haynes says
    The solid Red diaper is probably my favorite, followed by the solid Black!
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  28. I really like Punk Plaid Green.
  29. I love Xanadu!
  30. I like the Blue Velvet print the best!
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    Zanadu is my favorite print by far!!!
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  36. Morgan Schwall says
    Blue Velvet is our favorite Rock A Bums print! My daughter could - ROCK it ;)
  37. Jackie Miller says
    I love the green punk plaid!
  38. I really like Punk Plaid Green. I have a thing for plaid.
  39. I like the Blue Velvet print!
  40. I really like the Blue Velvet print.
  41. I'm a big fan of the Zanadu print!
  42. I love the prints on these! They also seem really easy to use!
  43. I love the punk plaid green print! I would love it for my little boy due in May!
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  45. I love the blue velvet print. They have really cute prints.
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    Punk plaid green is my favorite:)